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  1. Someone pay these guys! Dang!
  2. I think we will leave this here.
  3. This is a solid idea.
  4. Post the name and picture of the specific trucks that you are looking to add. Example below Name: B_Truck_01_box_F Picture:
  5. Amazing work @Witz!!
  6. Welcome @Akulaas the newest Senior Admin. Thank you for stepping up and taking on a lot of extra work. Keep it up! Also, welcome @Ronald!! I know it has been a few days! Thank you for your hard work now and in the future. We all appreciate your hard work guys!
  7. I was on playing cop and we caught Mitch when he was an admin or cm (cannot remember). We gave him a 10 million dollar ticket and he thought it was just a 10k ticket. He paid it. The amount of prestige and payments that went out were nuts. Sadly, but rightfully, Mitch removed it all. We were laughing so hard in TS. Good times @Mitch (IFRIT)
  8. Asylum Community, This thread is dedicated to everything (IFRIT) Mitch. Please post and share. Keep it clean. *** Secondarily, I would like to make a horn dedicated to an audio clip of Mitch. Submit clips here with the following in the beginning of the post: Horn Audio Clip for Mitch Horn Contest The winner will get the horn added to their account!
  9. Thank you @Mitch (IFRIT)for your endless hours of self sacrifice to this server. It wouldn't exist right now without you. That being said, now that we have the old man in the grave...it is time to get to work. To the Community: I, like the majority of you, would like to see the Asylum community make it to ARMA 4. That is going to take some work and effort. We, the player base, APD, AFD, Support, Admins, Senior Admins, and Developers, need to get through this together. Literally the only way we can make Asylum last until ARMA 4. We all want to see it, lets make it happen. Thank you all for your past, present, and future contributions. Without everyone volunteering their skills, donating, and endless in server hours this place would have died long ago. I look forward to seeing were we can take Asylum together and over the coming years. Very respectfully, -Rogue
  10. Added to Exploiting: Attaching a macro/scroll wheel and/or any program/component assisting the firing rate of a weapon Added to Initiation(for clarification as many new players were asking about this): Sirens may be used by APD Officers to initiate but the officer MUST ensure players are within audible distance of the siren. This is done at the risk and discretion of the APD Officer as they are initiating on everyone within audible distance.
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