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Map Designer Applications [Open]


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Map Designer

The role of the map designer is to support the on-going in-game development of the content developers and creating new map areas or modifying requested portions of the map from either the developers or from upper server management. You could be creating totally new areas on the map for a new server event, new runs, or new objectives. You could also just be making slight adjustments to object orientations and helping perfect object placement on the map and such.

Position Requirements


  • Must be at least 18 years old at time of applying.
  • Must be in a good standing with the community.
  • Must have work examples or proof of knowledge for the position you are applying for.
  • Must not be completely brain-dead and have the ability to comprehend given tasks and ask semi-intelligent questions if help is required with your task.
    • If I can find the answer on Google in 5 seconds... it's a stupid question
  • Ability to use TeamSpeak as primary method of communication and Discord as a secondary.
  • Ability to self improve based off of constructive criticism.

Map Designer

  • Adequate knowledge of:
    • Eden Editor

Apply Here -> Select Dev/Design Application

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