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  1. Not the FÄT TONY remix... Sad
  2. Obviously you need to wait 5 seconds between bounties, this has been the same for years.
  3. Your talking like everyone is invisible
  4. But then they should have seperate garages too
  5. You are talking about a different tilda, and you dont have to spam it since it stays activated for 5 seconds, you just have to aim. (but there could be issues with "knowsAbout")
  6. Hotfix #1 Enabled custom cartel skin flags for gang subscribers. Fixed a house inventory exploit. Fixed Gas Mart SWAT notification. Fixed wrong recipe showing for Cuban Link. Reduced missionfile size.
  7. Found a bug? Click here to file a bug report! Got some development ideas? Click here! Added: Seasonal Santa Event: Santa flies around the map but the government of Altis doesn't seem too understand he is only here to bring presents, therefor he gets shot down out of the sky resulting in a crash location with valuable loot for players to grab. Christmas trees and presents: Christmas trees in every major city. The christmas tree has presents underneath. You can unpack one every day until the tree is gone. (starts at 14 december) Gas Mart Robberies Two Russian drug-lords have moved to Altis to aid in the sale of sanctioned Russian crude. Ivan and Hugo have opened “legitimate” Gas Marts on the island to help launder their ill-gotten gains. Go to the gas marts and use a diamond tip drill to open the door to the back room! After 10 minutes the door will open and you will have access to Ivan & Hugos illegal loot. 3+ APD officers required to be online in order to start these robberies. * These do count as federal events, you cannot start one while another fed event is active. You can also buy gas here while we wouldn’t advise doing so during an active event. Gathering Trucks Ivan and Hugo have brought with them Russian technology for extracting valuables from the earth: Tempest Transport Vehicle augmented gathering at quarries, increases storage, and gather speed significantly Tempest Fuel Truck Vehicle augmented gathering to be used at the two Goldpan/excavation sites by Kavala and Sofia, turn this puppy on and watch it suck water into the tank and filter out those valuable antiquities. Metal Refining Added the ability to roll metals into more valuable versions. It takes three ingots/doubloons/pieces to roll into one rolled metal. Metal Refinery (Legal) You can now further process Iron and Copper ingots into rolled iron and rolled copper. These heavy rolls of metal are highly sought after for marine construction, process them at the Metals Refinery in Kavala and Sofia, and sell them at the commodities trader. Antiquities Forge (Illegal) You can now break down gold doubloons and silver pieces at the Antiquities Forge. Since you are melting artifacts the APD is highly incentivized to protect Altisian history, rolled silver and rolled gold are illegal. Sold at Wongs Triad or crafted into jewelry. APD Charge: Possession of Illegal Antiquities – $7,500 Jewelry Crafting With the influx of raw materials from the illegal melting of antiquities two Jewelry Manufacturers have moved into the Black-Market Production complex. Bring raw metals here and craft jewelry, including Rolex/AP watches, Cuban bling and engagement rings. APD Charge: Possession of Illegal Jewels - $10,000 Recipes: Rolex Watch: 2 rolled gold, 2 rolled silver, 2 cut diamonds AP Watch: 2 rolled gold, 2 rolled silver, 2 glass Engagement Ring: 2 rolled gold, 2 flawless diamonds Cuban Link: 2 rolled gold, 2 roller silver, 2 flawless diamonds Pixie Dust (Illegal) There has been an increase in Russian drug activity on the island since Hugo and Ivan moved in, fortunately they don’t know how to strap down cargo very well. Keep your eyes peeled to the skies for falling containers of Russian goulash! Random event (Like UFO/Earthquake) “A drug container has fallen out of a plane and is now crashing to earth” Only triggered when 50+ players online. Spawns a temporary gather zone for gathering of Pixie Dust, a highly sought-after party drug. Process Pixie Dust at the Purification Factory. Sell to drug dealer for cash, Pixie Dust is very toxic, thus the Altis Homeowners Association has banned its storage in houses. The container will de-spawn after 20 minutes, go gather while you can! APD Charge: Possession of Pixie Dust – $12,000 Custom Cartel Flags for gang subscribers: ACP rounds added to the hunting grounds. SWAT can now choose their spawn location including Mobile HQ when deploying. APD Charges: Possession of Illegal Jewels: $10,000 Possession of Illegal Antiquities: $7,500 Possession of Pixie Dust: $12,000 Gas Mart Robbery: $10,000 Illegal Vehicle Disassembly: $500 Warning message when the fuel of a gathering device is almost empty. Changed/Tweaked: Moved Gang Boat flag locations near the boat and added new buildings. New Asylum Plus winter skins: Thanks to @Kelly, @goyney, @SacredSherpa, @MyrtleDesignand @.Nathan ! Subscribe to Asylum Plus here New Welcome Screen background by Kelly. Admins can now give christmas presents to everyone! Title requirements are no longer hidden. Tempest Device Price changed from $125,000 to $175,000 Fixed: Ability to seize inventories out of APD boats at HQs. Mobile HQ not able to be slung-load. Medic Qilins being able to be driven. Cop keys/trackers persisting over the restart. CBRN Suits now available to constables. Cops/Medics are no longer able to access unlocked houses. (LT+ still can) 2nd bridge at prison is now functional. Christmas present rewards. Medics not able to vote in the courthouse. Removed: Asylum Plus Halloween skins. Halloween sounds. Some custom buildings in Athira. Domination Utes Removed fences that allow you to see through smoke. Added a ramp to the chruch jump over. Completly reworked rock cap to buildings now. Reworked south church. Removed roach rocks on Boat Cap. Added cover around the flag on Boat Cap. Added hay bales inside of barn cap. Malden Completely reworked North zone. Hotfix #1 Enabled custom cartel skin flags for gang subscribers. Fixed a house inventory exploit. Fixed Gas Mart SWAT notification. Fixed wrong recipe showing for Cuban Link. Reduced missionfile size.
  8. I'm not going to enable simulation for every item dropped on the map, comes down to peformance again.
  9. I think you haven't played for a year. I will be referencing the following source from last year: Also, wait up to 10 seconds for them to have collision disabled.
  10. Map Designer The role of the map designer is to support the on-going in-game development of the content developers and creating new map areas or modifying requested portions of the map from either the developers or from upper server management. You could be creating totally new areas on the map for a new server event, new runs, or new objectives. You could also just be making slight adjustments to object orientations and helping perfect object placement on the map and such. Position Requirements General Must be at least 18 years old at time of applying. Must be in a good standing with the community. Must have work examples or proof of knowledge for the position you are applying for. Must not be completely brain-dead and have the ability to comprehend given tasks and ask semi-intelligent questions if help is required with your task. If I can find the answer on Google in 5 seconds... it's a stupid question Ability to use TeamSpeak as primary method of communication and Discord as a secondary. Ability to self improve based off of constructive criticism. Map Designer Adequate knowledge of: Eden Editor Apply Here -> Select Dev/Design Application
  11. Hotfix #3 Blackjack cash UI not updating after double down. Increased spray cooldown to 5 minutes. Medic qilin emergency lights.
  12. I got you. https://www.begambleaware.org
  13. Hotfix #2 Roulette displaying a wrong color order for some people. Adjusted casino banning. Changed Blackjack maximum bet to 50.000 Only natural blackjack pays out 3 to 2.
  14. Unknown command. Type "/help" for help.
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