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  1. Gang Fortress/Boat time adjusted to UTC-4 Wednesday 12:00 (UTC-4) - The gang fortress becomes inactive 18:00 (UTC-4) - The gang boat capturepoint will become active Sunday 12:00 (UTC-4) - The gang boat becomes inactive 18:00 (UTC-4) - The gang fortress capture point will become active
  2. Hotfix #2 Gang Fortress/Boat start times -1 hour. Added respawn, car spawn and rebel safezones for Gang Boat. Fixed helicopter spawning at Gang Boat. Fixed Cartel Event not paying out money in some rare cases. Fixed Alcatraz lifetime quest. Changed message about lead and storing uranium. Passive Mode prevent escorting, etc.
  3. Because of the time change, we will be adjusting the time.
  4. Witz

    Voting system?

    Working as intended
  5. Hotfix #1 Added message for invalid loadouts. Fixed players with temporary keys (keychain) to be given out to others. Fixed players in Passive Mode not being able to buy some items. Fixed Aircraft Carrier spawnpoints Fixed Gang Fortress hud text. Infamy calculation for some items. You can no longer use the Asylum Exchange some minutes before restart. Asylum Exchange exploit. Evidence Locker cooldown: 15 -> 30 minutes
  6. Witz


    Yes we are aware. The UFO will only spawn at night, and before every restart it is night time
  7. New players under 8 hours of playtime pay only 300 dollars
  8. Hotfix #4 Changed the crafting recipe for the Hatchback, Offroad and SUV.
  9. Witz


    Since the last patch, and before that 75 but a different event system that made it very rare
  10. Witz


    It’s on 70 and since last update the chances are way higher too
  11. Will take a look into adding more clothing.
  12. Right now we do not plan on adding it.
  13. Witz

    Timer Hotkey

    Timer on your phone, desktop, watch the time in steam overlay etc. Civs will set a timer and instant alt f4 after 10 minutes, even if in cop custody.
  14. We have some ideas in the works with the loadout slots.
  15. Right now we do not plan adding the casino back due to some issues with it back in the day. We will be revising it with the team soon.
  16. We have a large variety of vehicles already. We could look in some more variants but vehicles with guns, etc probably not. More vehicles to craft would be nice.
  17. We will be going for this:
  18. Its no longer needed now
  19. Had like 15 minute timer.
  20. Hotfix #3 A wrong ID for Orca Graffiti skin. Jewelry required cops not updating. Mobile HQ sometimes disappearing to early. Medic quest cooldowns reduced Defib Paramedic: 250 -> 120 seconds Bloodbagger: 150 -> 120 seconds Repair Man: 150 -> 120 seconds
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