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  1. Ok, But im going to ask you to meet me half way. As a well respected member of the community who knows FIRST HAND that im approachable via discord or Teamspeak anytime, come to me in private and tell me im out of line instead of calling me a faggot on the forums?
  2. Relax, Ebola pings me on discord all the time and I'm not allowed to banter back? White knight else where, Ebola can handle himself. The fact this post is still open should speak volumes to the fact that it is genuinely being considered as a suggestion by the Devs. Ebola has been fighting the fight for 4-5's, Ghost Hawks, invisible backpacks and numerous other things for years. Most of which has been added at this point. I commend him for being creative and coming up with an idea as to an actual use for the entity suit Mother fucker has me beat 70% of the time anyways
  3. He isnt getting the suit, you can just cross that part of the suggestion off now
  4. Im pretty sure this guy is banned from suggestions @Fitzcan you confirm
  5. Bittervet syndrome here, But i made the grind when it was alot harder. What kind of tree are we realistically going to give UC's? Keeping in mind it has to remain balanced due to all the cop-roll all's running around
  6. Will look to fix the UC vehicle tree to actuall work. Ill find somthing to swap out the medic perk with
  7. Theirs just not enough rewards to make it work. You get 20-25 days before you start repeating/recycling.
  8. It was not always an option. for a short time it was available as a double process at the same locations as the first process. It was deemed too little risk and thus all the double processes were moved to purification. Coke/meth were never nerfed we just offered the option to take alot more risk for more gain
  9. Been broken since v2, To fix it is annoying so no one has
  10. Arma 3 issue. Bohemia Dev's are aware but it doesnt look like its going well
  11. Patato

    Drag the wounded

    As has been previously stated, We would love to do this. This was the first thing i attempted to do as a contributor. Unfortunately rag dolls can not be interacted with (unless we mod the server) meaning we would have to entirely re-write our death system to be more like 77th jsoc. We decided not to do this because it gets very confusing as to who is "Dead" and who is "Unconscious" from taser rounds. Unfortunately i don't see it ever happening this late into asylum as its just too much work and too many systems to re-write to make it happen
  12. Isnt low risk gold panning just wreck excavating?
  13. Patato

    Bounty Hunter

    Tbh that period early in V2 where BH wasn't in yet was my favorite time of the server. That being said im not removing something a large portion of our player-base does and enjoy just because it can be annoying.
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