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  1. Like i said, Admins had nothing to do with either decision. Devlopers and admins are not the same thing (even then im pretty sure it was an owner decision)
  2. What do admins have to do with it? It was changed back in the clint days after overwhelming support by cartel groups.
  3. Wouldn’t skip tracer being a red zone be a nerf as people would just camp the turn in.... (since you can’t read the patch notes you probably didn’t notice the fact you can only send your bounty’s to jail via the Hq) oh you want to sit and camp skiptracer and fuck over people turning in bounty’s. Got it.
  4. Out of curiosity what exactly do you expect Jesse to do here. He looks at the logs and see's that evidence is never being won by the cops. Would you rather him just nerf the loot table into the ground so its not worth it to do anymore. Or actually try to work out some of the issues with it. The guy isn't a captain he can't make constables good at the game.
  5. The APD is rewarding you for seeking out an officer and in addition gives you the opportunity to further explain your charges. We aren't going to reward you with a half ticket because you walked to a courthouse that is open 24/7 and is always there. You pay the full ticket because its the "convenience fee" The only reason you can even get your bounty cleared at courthouse is so you can run drugs without fear of a BH tracking you down. i can see a talent or something that reduces it by 10-25% but i don't think a half ticket from a courthouse NPC is ever going to happen
  6. if i had a dollar for every time someone told me they had an Air-soft gun/grandapa's hunting rifle i could have spent a weekend in Vegas
  7. I thinks its more to do with the fact you probably don't want to piss off the guy that can delete you from your rank in 30 seconds. Only takes 2 LT's to say no, and every LT who signed the petition just made a nice target on their back. (Might be different with the anonymous thing they just added) Not saying the captains would do that. But i can understand the fear from the LT's. Not to mention LT's would have a hard time finding direct evidence. This whole thing was only started because someone released what the response to a report was. An LT would have no way of finding out about it otherwise.
  8. How good are you with paint?
  9. Hey I know you are trying to be edgy (as with every post you make) but on release we had given the ability to send from anywhere on the map once the 2min warning popped. Tbh I was kinda making fun of Colton as I was sitting in the TS channel with him. next time I’ll put “git gud”
  10. @Midamaru I mean its pretty blatant to me that they are flexing their rank. CM's made a new server rule to specifically stop them from doing something. Then they immediately side step it and as a "fuck you" to the CM's make a public post flexing the power they have. New Rule Server Rule: Idk about you but simply moving the gold bars to a different vehicle and then driving that vehicle basically just subverts the above rule, and is clearly not in the "Spirit" of how the game is meant to be played. Obviously i can't pretend to know what goes on between CM"s & Captains. But it sure doesn't look like a good faith interaction.
  11. Drive fast, Scroll wheel quickly. AKA be a medic
  12. Learn some time management.
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