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  1. Patato


    Thanks buddy really helpful "Just change the smokes" Every time we do this someone cry's. Last time we sat in the channel with "The civ council" and multiple other members of the community to make it the way they wanted it. Despite adding shit i personally did not want (Blur in vehicles) Be specific when requesting shit or shut the fuck up. Thanks
  2. Patato


    Then show it. Post with 0 replies/no likes doesnt make it seem like a big issue ;3
  3. Patato


    Doesn't seem like theirs any support for this. Denied
  4. 1.) As others have stated most of the caps just don't support doing this. 2.) Devs are shit at making caps. If you want some new ones feel free to make some and submit for community feedback 3.) ;3
  5. Patato

    Fed payouts

    Throwing money at them isn't a solution to this issue.
  6. Think you are about two owners behind on who did that
  7. Honestly very little experience with mods. Probably will do some exploring on this, LIfe & Domination share a mission file so aslong as it doesn't cause problems for life i dont see why not. Going to use this thread for now
  8. We will not be doing this. It was highly supported when these types of things were removed. So far it doesn't seem like you have any support in favor of returning it.
  9. 1.) Gov does not get 100% of taxes taken. Never has never will, the amount of money that would be is insane. 2.) Coin flip idea isn't bad. 3.) 100% of cartel money taken will ALWAYS go to the cartel owning gang. The money sink is people fighting & Dying for the cartel. 4.) What else would you like me to take? We take money for EVERYTHING. from taking a vehicle out of your garage to refilling a magazine. Fee's are built into every aspect of asylum where it is feasible. However their is a limit, you can't just take massive amount of money for nothing in return without making people mad (Crypto). What is the suggestion here?
  10. Patato


    Chop shop doesn't care if you put fancy new mods on your vehicle. He only cares about the raw scrap metal cost.
  11. Arma almost been out a decade steve. time to upgrade the toaster
  12. What exactly have you stepped up and contributed to this community for free? (Other than getting banned 5 times in the last two months) Last I checked every dev here was a player who wanted to give back to the community they got to enjoy. Kind of the exact opposite of lazy.
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