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  1. Do you know what game this is? Wasnt that long ago that the game was a x32 client and would mem leak a ton.
  2. Patato

    I Was Right

    What are you on about? You havn't been mod qued?
  3. nonono you know like in call of duty. Once you hit 10mil monies you get reset to 0
  4. Can't wait for a hatchback with nitro to blow up my hemtt of meth!
  5. 33 points total. may re-apply march 1st 2022 Honestly should have went for the blacklist it would have been removed quicker than the points You sure about that one chief
  6. Patato

    V2 feedback

    @Azeh Also, Its disabled in V1 (S1&2) which is why i locked and unpin the post. Nothing to do with V2
  7. This abomination feature has been removed Locked
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