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  1. Shit which admin has access to that? That sounds like something you would have to database query. (Or individually look at each players profile and just see if they havn't logged in for 30 days). Probably would be easier to make your own scraper than convince an admin to do
  2. Conspiracy Theory, Patch took so long bc they had to find dirt on CEO to make this happen
  3. Unfortunately, also @Farmer Steve delayed the expanding by three months when he told me to kill my self. Perhaps 2021 will be our year :3
  4. Congrats on contributor bud

    1. Patato


      Thanks! Will take me another month or so to retire from that tag XD

  5. After 10mins of captivity you are allowed to log off.
  6. Wot, i have a 8700k and a 1080TI. I get more frames than an art gallery.
  7. Would be a civ only donor perk. Imho waste of time. Everyone is shift minus end mission anyways. or esc alt f4
  8. Would violate bohemia TOS as it would give an advantage specifically to players on cop.
  9. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_4
  10. Move pyrgos drug dealer to the other side of the barracks building so people stop trying to lawyer me in appeals “what do you mean he was right next to the drug dealer” Dude was driving down the MSR
  11. No, needs to be recorded and sent to us. Often times, especially when it’s RDM i end up watching the video 2-3 times. And often I’m pausing during this checking logs and using other tools. Once through just to know what’s happening, a second to really focus and listen to audio while just stareing at the bottom corner of the screen looking for kills. then again When they appeal the ban and provide their side of the story. It’s simply not a viable option in most cases to sit in a discord call with someone and have them scrub around while discord shits the bed and goes down to 240p quality making it impossible to read the chat. You have 72 hours to make a report. Just start your upload after you go to bed and make the report in the morning.
  12. Dont tell them about the script that makes admins immune to 7.62
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