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  1. Better watch it, wouldnt want to see you back on mod que
  2. "The only problem i have is not having more money to gamble with"
  3. Because it was third party. Not developed by anyone to do with asylum
  4. if you read his post you would know he meant ingame phone?
  5. Oh don’t you worry I’ve got my ctrl c ctrl v ready from the old mission file
  6. I’m going on holidays next week, Henry has been demoted to basic bitch until my return
  7. Too busy looking to hire an SQF coder to make him somthing so he can slap his name on and say he made it
  8. After 4 weeks of steadily going downhill this one is at least an improvement
  9. Great place to afk
  10. The Test server is extremely large
  11. Dude ease up on the base. My dog upstairs just lost his shit
  12. Do you know how many times mitch put me in my place? No, you have no idea at all. And what friends?
  13. Are you aware 90% of admins probably don’t know this has happened. We don’t comb every ban ever put in. And even then we’re going to get our facts straight and talk to the baning admin before we go in guns blazing unbaning people likewise we don’t technically have the power to straight overturn another admin. We’re not supervisors, while no one is adverse to calling someone out for a bad ban it’s not exactly our job to be supervising admins - it’s why we have CMs 9/10 times people go on the forums and complain instead of bringing it to a CM. And we don’t stare at the forums as admins.
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