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  1. Tanoa is a terrible life map. If you can write out a detailed list - outlining the failures it had last time and how we can address them we could consider it. But as soon as we killed the extremely OP free Money the map died. (Was hardly populated before that)
  2. A player cannot be restrained for more than 10mins. If a BH can't send you to jail in 10mins. Thats on them. The only exception is if YOU roleplay with the cops to stay longer. IE you cant just drag out roleplay for 10mins then just log off to avoid a ticket. But if they stick you in a corner for 10mins and dont talk to you. By all means Alt f4
  3. I think Asylum should have titan Missile launchers :3 Lets be honest the only way I’m getting 8 kills is shooting an orca out of the sky from 10km out
  4. Asylum has undergone many revisions in the last two weeks as we attempted to fix issues, old mission files will still be cached on your machine locally. Be sure to clear these out. Here is a guide on how to clear old mission files.
  5. Who got that boxing match hookup.

    1. Bag Of Funyuns

      Bag Of Funyuns

      so I was watching this guy on tiktok and he told me he was streaming it on his youtube channel "Dego boop"

  6. Generally speaking when a new money making method comes out, it is inflated to encourage people to try it. Uranium was paying out more than meth on release. It has simply been reduced to its intended price point -which is just 2nd best to meth
  7. I’m here to steal memes not spell check them
  8. Patato

    A challenge

    Just invis and teleport away?
  9. Patato

    Farewell All

    Wat. Is this an out of season April fools joke?
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