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  1. I knew mayhem was a participation trophy kid!
  2. We are aware of certain issues with the way we calculate SWAT deployments and are working towards resolutions that would solve this issue. SWAT has mechanics to avoid certain types of evasion. I obviously can't disclose in depth the ways we do this. However i think its important to understand the perspective of all groups involved. IE if i and 4 friends begin bank and the cops outnumber us 2-1. SWAT shouldn't pop. Now if an additional group with 5 people attempt to roach us, while the APD might be even numbered and from their perspective SWAT should pop. My groups perspective is that we just got screwed even harder as now we have to fight 5 roaches and a buffed APD. The scenario's that play out at federal events are highly dynamic and its hard to have code interpret fights as they happen and instantly decide if SWAT deployment is warranted. Especially given the vastly different tools and perks each APD rank has at their disposal. Its can also be difficult to gauge APD strength as when a federal event starts it can be hard to differentiate between an officer soft logging to deploy to a fight and an officer just flat out logging off. IE 10 officers vs 3 rebels. 8 log off to softlog leaving 2 online. If i just go "Oh look 2v3 lets pop swat" then 8 cops log back on i can't really take back my SWAT popping. SWAT should be deployed in scenarios where APD are in-need of a buff. Having a baseline always swat pop is something we can explore but we have to remember Rebels are intended to be stronger in terms of gear as APD officers have substantially faster respawn & re-gear to get back in a fight.
  3. Patato

    Rebel Input

    Its interesting to me that somehow the developers simultaneously don't play and are so disconnected from the server that we aren't capable of talking to players, gathering feedback from staff/APD/Rebels/AFD/BH/Kavala rats/general civilians to make decisions. But somehow play enough to have a vendetta against a single gang and target them. The whole idea of the suggestion page was to get a final Yes/No after a well thought-out and detailed post was made. When we had civilian councils in the past conversations went no-where or were strung out over months and left without a real answer as to why they were denied (Or more often forgot). Additionally the suggestion page allows ALL players and not just an elite 2-3 people from special snowflake groups to have input. I think we do a fairly good job of reviewing every single suggestion and responding appropriately as a group. Once a decision has been made you can resubmit the suggestion with additions/edits to make the idea work. But we can't be constantly looking at 1000 suggestions for a single new reply and re-evaluate our position on the idea Frankly I find your attitude towards the developers counter-productive. 5 posts in 2 days bashing developers. Most of your perceptions about the way things work on the development team are just flat out false. And to address gang boat. A post was made Wednesday on the forums about it being broken (This was the first i had even heard of an issue being had). I responded with a joke having no idea it was actually broken as no report was made. Within 8 hours of a bug report being made it was fixed on development. Unfortunately this was Friday and we have not yet had an opportunity to push a patch to the live server due to high population when one of us with the ability to patch is around
  4. In addition to what obi said, I couldn't think of enough unique items to make it worth the effort. Selling Orca's/Ifrits at the auction house is pointless as no one is going to bid higher than the price to just buy it instantly at rebel. Which leaves us with hard to get items (Zafir/Cop Vests/Medic stuff) its just not enough variety. Historically we don't give away donor items for ingame cash. I dont know the specifics of asylum finances but from the outside i can understand not giving away our only source of revenue for free.
  5. Needed something for next months patch notes
  6. Patato

    BH/Rebel Variants

    No, No, ? What Blood money (Ignore domination for a moment) is earned in an entirely different way from honor. In order to get blood money someone else has to of lost money along the way. Honor is magically spawned in from nothing. also in the future provide a poll that has some sort of use please
  7. ill get it fixed
  8. I've tried a few different times to improve the side building. (I was the one to originally switch it from the instant death ladder to the glitchy staircase) If you are able to build something better send it my way, as of right now ive taken a couple stabs at it and none have been successful in being approved
  9. Patato

    add more uc slots

    At this time i don't think adding more UC slots is a good idea, The different initiation/patrol rules heavily skew the strength of the UC role. Often times i find UC's aren't even playing UC and simply using it as a way to avoid civilian interaction/ticketing. As of today i added a way for the other slots to gain access to lvl 3 vests. Over the next little bit i intend to focus on the other weaker slots (Looking at you warrant). Ideally we would entice APD officers to play the other slots thus freeing up the UC slots. Unfortunately this has to be done carefully as due to the "Cop role all" adding a ton of perks will quickly power spike cop role all players.
  10. Patato


    Look out guys, He has 5 likes and he isn't afraid to use em
  11. This is a lot of effort for pointless and fake scarcity. No
  12. Patato

    Entity Suits

    Still no
  13. Patato

    De-spawn timer

    SeaTurtles are not a bad way for newer players to earn decent cash. Super safe from APD/Rebels if using a sub.
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