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  1. Exists for BH -> Only for active bountys they have Exists for APD -> All bountys Press 1 It will never exist for Civs/Rebels as its a database pull and an additional 50-80 pinging the database for information that is constantly updating is not good.
  2. If one of us gets it done with out shooting ourselves it will be a thing. Its certainly not Ctrl c ctrl v though, theirs a reason it hasnt be done yet
  3. How far does this night eyes talent go? You already got the GPS The talent is called night eyes. Not hawk eye ;3
  4. The talent tree was already condensed heavily and more talent points were given. You arn't meant to have every single talent point at one time. On civ you already spawn with a debit card and this is no longer a donator perk(Thanks bohemia) Debit cards are free at ATM's? (Should you put yours in a car or somehow bug) On cop/medic your virtual inventory saves so you should only have to buy it once for free at your HQ should you lose it. Sure i don't really care its not like a ton of people are running around inhaling drugs anyways. very few people use cocaine/anti sway drugs. Ultimately not the biggest change in the world so I'm not giving it a hard no. I'm not going to throw a fit if another dev decides to add this. but its not something i'm going to add to the server myself. i just don't care about respawning 15% faster. Ultimately you are just advantaging players with good houses. Kavala is slightly harder for constables fighting certain gang. Noobs are going to get camped harder by players with coke pro houses. Those who have the best gang fort houses are getting back 5s sooner. Suiciding to attack athira HQ is 5s quicker. The rest of the time its going to be entirely negligible. Feels like needless bloat and was the exact type of talent we removed when the list was reduced. It might come in handy the 1/20 times you respawn at donor and get a lucky kill on a BH/rook bang someone at rebel. Or make it so you don't have to walk the extra 5 feet to gun store in a city if you're a pistol banger. Id prefer this to be a vehicle upgrade like the suspension/handling instead of being blanketly used by everyone.
  5. Bounty hunter weapons will remain highly restricted to their given location
  6. Only on asylum is better actually worse.
  7. We are going to go in the direction of previously approved housing. If in the future we need more housing we can revisit this idea
  8. This is not a healthy money sink. Death is already a large punishment. You are out of the fight, you drop all your Y. Making people more risk adverse and having them peak/push less is counter intuitive. We want more risk, more pushing and more fighting. Not to mention ill be the first to mald if i get lethald, pay a large amount to be revived - Just to be instantly lethald again before I roll over. AFD recently suggested lowering the revive amount so that they would have less respawning and get more revs as currently its not in the interest of a rook banger in kavala to get rev'd. Its cheaper to die and re-buy the rook. By doing this you are giving the AFD even less to do as you will almost certainly have less rev's requested.
  9. Over my dead body. If you are serious about more BH titles. You actually have to come up with the names/how to earn them. I dont really care what your title is and im not going to add 100 more to try and guess a title you would like.
  10. I dont really think this is something you would want to do. By doing this and allowing people to revive through the floor you are also inadvertently letting people revive through walls/vehicles ect.
  11. Extremely well said, Sherriff rick here is currently in the top 40 for honor earned so he knows what he is talking about.
  12. Grats! thats 0.0000125% of the economy gone!
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