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  1. When someone feels like working on it. Free Deving is Free. If no one feels like taking on a project you can't really force anyone to. As of this moment 0 progress has been made towards it
  2. We will not be utilizing Arma 3 AI. APD provides all the bots we need
  3. Patato

    SRT Faction

    SRT is kind of an APD thing. If this is how the captains want to run it they can approach us through their means. Might be reading into it but I don't think any captain has any interest in putting in more effort to SRT than what they already do. And dev's certainly don't want to run it.
  4. 90% of what you have suggested here has already been responded too multiple times. We would love to have a 2nd server. But the fact is (And has been proven multiple times) new players pick a server to play on via the sort "most players" button. Splitting the player base will kill any chance of attracting new/more players. And we will not do it unless we are confident that we can sustain players on two servers. Frankly i could go in depth and respond to every point in your post, but i need you to read this post first And re-make your suggestions. Most of what you posted here is directly answered by my above post. Remember to be specific, "More gas stations" or "More cartels", "Fix APD", "Fix Economy" is effectively useless to me. Tell me how or where to do these things.
  5. They said they were opening mod apps. Didn't say anything about actually picking from them ;3
  6. Ghost hotel will be remaining a casino safezone
  7. We are going to be leaving high capacity mags un-craftable. (Same with LIM/Mk200 ammo)
  8. Patato

    New Drug: Jenkem

    I thought i banned you from suggestions. What, huffing farts is unfortunately only available on @Ronald's only fans
  9. Patato

    Shared Keys

    It is when you don't talk to anyone when approving it 🙂
  10. Patato

    Shared Keys

    Whenever henry makes it
  11. Not a dev issue. Moved to altis life discussion
  12. Main server is still open during dom....
  13. Bans and limits will remain in place until were comfortable the casino is bug free. Im not losing another week of my life analyzing blackjack hands to figure out who was abusing a bug to become rich The limits will be increased/decreased as we see fit over the next week or so
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