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  1. That would just kill meth/scotch on the second server. Leaving limited options for making money on the server. Its doubtful a server is likely to succeed without a player base making money.
  2. Someone has to fill in since hap is gone. /patlock
  3. Shrug. Like i said not worth the effort. It must be exclusive to Asylum we staff just arnt capable of hosting gangwars. Definitely server issues and nothing to do with server getting DDos'd anytime we try to host. Olympus's gang wars always go off without a hitch am i right
  4. I honestly can’t think of a more soul crushing job than hosting gang wars. Hackusations left right and centre. Every gang wars just ends up with one team winning and everyone else being butthurt and blaming the admin team for the loss. no one has energy to deal with 100 people claiming that every other person cheats. i would rather give 100 people rooks and host a battle royal in kavala
  5. The police skin looks like garbage. Police + Camo = No
  6. My bad i didnt realize you wanted to watch people write lies on the wall with their own feces. (Thought you got enough of that at work)
  7. TBH, All i've ever wanted for a long time is a "Everything Crate" All skins are included on it. If you bust you get nothing, if you get a skin you own you get a re-try. My biggest issue (and the reason i dont buy loot crates now that i have pilots) is that the more you spend the worse your odds would get. (IE if i want one thing out of a lootcrate such as the general lee and i managed to unlock everything in the crate except for the general lee i would just keep throwing money away for a 10cent return) That would be my ideal up there ^ That being said if you took any of my skins that ive earned/paid for (T-Swift ect.) i wouldn't care as i dont ever use them and i would rather see good skins instead of that garbage. However i can see why people would be upset if you did.
  8. Sounds good, Ill claim that mil for myself with my Rahim
  9. Issues have been resolved. Please enjoy the patch!
  10. Wont be long Azeh is fixing it right now.
  11. We are aware of an issue relating to the update that is resulting in a script restriction kick. The server has been locked while we fix the issue.
  12. Thought you were supposed to be born gay. Lady gaga had a whole song about it - has to be true
  13. Nope, no reason For admins to own houses unless they are running a gang (I think I own two and I’ll sell them once i finally make an updated scotch guide looks like @bbgreg17 house tho
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