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  1. I could never remember how to pronounce fascist -- if it was like fate or fashion, like you wrote. I haven't got it wrong once since I saw this meme. Well, I guess I owe you a debt of thanks, Clint! Your meme turned out to be very educative. Congrats!
  2. Starting fresh on Stratis, damn. Big dream. I would be even down to helping design the map again. I'm not sure we have Stratis old files anymore.
  3. 我也没有,但是这种讨论看起来很激烈。
  4. Weird. So if he used the spacebar to access the ATM he would probably have been able to as well. Thanks for letting me know!
  5. o.o, can you explain it a bit better? I had someone else complaining about the same the other day.
  6. You can also just try creating a new Arma 3 profile and testing it again. While we can't figure what's going on, try using ATMs available at gas station NPCs for example. Can you access them?
  7. Hey, were you able to test the instructions I sent you? I had someone else reporting the same to me, but I tested it here and it's normal.
  8. If you could make a video trying to access the ATM that would be best. Are you sure you're not missing the correct angle? Can you interact with other things on the server and on Arma 3 just fine? Try switching to first person by pressing Enter on the numpad and try aiming at it again. If it doesn't work, try resetting you Arma 3 settings. Go to your documents and delete both "Arma 3" and/or "Arma 3 - Profiles" folders. Backup those folders first in case you need your old settings for w/e reason.
  9. Nothing major. Mostly just fixes and tweaks like: Medikits and Toolkits can be now stored in vests if there is enough space Ifrit shadows were broken when hiddenSelectionsMaterials were used Game engine updated to PhysX 4.1.1
  10. LOL, we were completely clueless this morning. Comments were like: "I don't know where he went but he got out of prison somehow, I'm 100% sure from what I saw" "No way dude, he's gotta be around somewhere" "Oh, look, he's swimming!" "I'm gonna pop this jerk's head as soon as he comes out to breath!!" @Cukofuko remembers it!
  11. Which is very dumb of them.
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