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  1. I tried sending you a message but couldn't its been forever brother. Send me a way to dm you!

    1. bigjohn561
    2. cHIP oTLE

      cHIP oTLE

      oh HI!  you're still alive!

    3. General Baked Potatoes

      General Baked Potatoes

      I have returned my children

  2. It's a bit more annoying to press Shift + L while driving rather than scroll wheel and press spacebar, but it's no big deal. I guess I just gotta get used to it.
  3. Clicking "Cop Enter as Gunner" unlocks the vehicle instead of putting you in the proper seat.
  4. Do something useful

    1. BlackShot
    2. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      Yup he went and did something

    3. Midamaru


      He said no to me.. he should've known better

  5. Can't bully if you get modqueued.
  6. I don't think I owe you any explanation about my playtime, but let's kill two birds with one stone then. I'm BlackShot, I'm Brazilian and I joined Asylum in 2015. I spent some time off for personal reasons but returned the next year, in 2016. I have been playing Asylum since then. I also have near five thousand hours on Arma 3 and most of that time I spent here, on the servers. When it comes to what I did or do online, I occasionally translate softwares and apps, I've had servers in a couple of games - including Arma 3, which was a relatively large life server, mostly for Portuguese-speaking players - and I've also been a moderator for CrossFire South America. In real life, I currently attend Law university and work as a teacher for teens and adults. As you can see, because of my limited time on weekdays, I chose to invest all the free time I had - after I joined the Support team - into sitting in TeamSpeak to help with players' requests, instead of opening the game and wandering around Altis. However, when being on TeamSpeak wasn't possible, I would still check the forums every day, as well as my Discord. It's a pity you never had the chance to reach before. If you care to check some of my contributions here on the forums, feel free to visit my profile and navigate through my old posts, Tony. But as I said, you'll be limited to my posts. Of course you won't see the times I've helped people through TeamViewer, the time I translated all of Asylum rules to Portuguese as an attempt to reduce rule-breaking or anything like that. I guess what matters is how long I can spend in game making myself known to as many people as I can, right? If you wanna know more, I'll be happy to talk to you sometime. For everyone else, thanks for all the positive words! I'll always be available somewhere: forums, Discord, TeamSpeak or in-game. Hit me up whenever you want, even if it's just to chat!
  7. I can safely say Asylum has been a great place for many areas of my life, and without it I truly don't know how many good things I would've achieved and how many great friends I would've made. Thanks for always being helpful! Thanks for always being a really fun and humble person! And, finally, thanks for keeping Asylum alive, @Clint Beastwood!
  8. What @Gen. Henry Arnold said. Most of the players who speak Portuguese in Asylum are Brazilian. There are Portuguese people who play, sure, but it's a minority and it's harder to find them, especially on the forums.
  9. Don't know where you got that list from, but the only thing the US "assisted" Brazil in was brutally undermining the country's democracy amongst a paranoid fear of seeing it being taken by "the commies". The military took over power and forcefully removed a legitimately elected president. Right after that, media began getting censored and many individuals got summarily arrested, tortured or killed. Even kids. Democracy was restored after decades of protest and resentment, among other things. Would definitely not call that a "success".
  10. Yeah, @Clint Beastwood. Give us BJ. I mean, BH. Key proximity issue, my bad.
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