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  1. Forums down? Thanks, Obama.

  2. Nice art, @Boon. Now, can you work on @Mitch (IFRIT)'s horrendous content?
  3. Look, the only thing I did was compile a list with the most reasonable problems/solutions that people here had already discussed. However, I'm not saying we should apply every single nerf listed. On the other hand, it's impossible to ignore that, even if most players don't want to see bounty hunting being removed, they do expect some nerfing.
  4. From what I could notice, these are the main issues and they can all be addressed: BOUNTY HUNTERS ARE TOO OVERPOWERED - Restrict 5.56 rifles access to skip tracer and increase their prices. - Increase price of Hunter and/or let it be unlocked via BH honor tree only. - Reconsider pilot coveralls. BOUNTY HUNTERS SEND EVERYONE TO JAIL - Increase minimum bounty price to something between 15-25k. That wouldn't punish self-defense cases and allows time to pay off bounties (courthouse or cop ticket). BOUNTY HUNTERS ARE CONSTANTLY DOWNING AND LEAVING PEOPLE RESTRAINED - Increase BH license price by at least 200-300% (but perhaps don't make it so rebel license replaces it, just add a cooldown on switching them). - Cops are *required* to seize Bounty Hunters licenses if: they kidnap cops or civs OR they down a civ who doesn't have a bounty, isn't armed and charge is prested. (Cop vs. BH policy could be better discussed. Just some ideas to make it less worth for Bounty Hunters to abuse their powers.)
  5. I like the idea of loading a dead body into a car/ambulance. It sure would need some balancing for medics and civs - to make it worth for both parties -, but doesn't sound bad at all.
  6. So I'm sort of an aficionado of police sirens and I've been missing Asylum's multiple siren sounds. However, I also think it's about time we had new police sirens (we've had the same for years now). Because of that, I've compiled a few siren sounds and mixed some samples with Audacity. I also added the old sirens at the end of the video - which I also like a lot. Nothing too complex or extraordinary, but here's the result: Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ANTQ0BJaqayqzpqosDbwmAm2zuY5XGfe
  7. There'll always be an unhappy consequence to a certain group. Cops arresting rebels. Rebels kidnapping cops. Bounty hunters arresting bounties. Bounties killing bounty hunters. It's okay to have a discussion on rebalancing Bounty Hunters. But disable it? No. It's one of the features that most attract new players to the servers. Also, it's one extra activity you may take part in when you're tired of everything else. The more you take features away, the less activities you can do and the quicker you get bored of playing.
  8. If someone is harassing you, report them. If they're calling you non-stop, turn off call notification sounds. This feature is already in place.
  9. I'm really sorry about your loss. Welcome back!
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