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****APD Policy Update 03/04/2024****

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Effective Immediately

SGT+ will be allowed to deploy SWAT officers to cities/HQ’s during extreme circumstances under the following stipulations:

The highest ranking officer (SGT+) on duty is solely responsible for activating SWAT and will assume command of the entire situation until SWAT is deactivated. Failure of the activating officer to command and direct the entire situation will result in severe repercussions. A set amount of SWAT officers will be deployed depending on civilian count in the cities and must report directly to the SWAT deploying officer as well as adhering to standard SWAT policies. Failure to follow the command and direction of the SWAT activating officer will result in severe repercussions.


The SGT+ may currently authorize SWAT officers for the following situations:

  • HQ Defense

    • Having a suspect in custody worth 200k+. Can not be used for someone who has turned themselves in.

    • HQ is being actively assaulted by 3+ civilians

  • Riot Control

    • Any Suspect(s) involved must be using high caliber weapons 6.5+ or explosives

    • Inability to bring stability to a city after 3+ attempts with 5+ suspects identified

Once SWAT is called, a crate of illegal loot will spawn inside of the city and officers will be required to attempt to gain control of that crate once it is unlocked. An LT+ may call for officers to disregard the crate allowing civilians to obtain the crate uncontested from officers. (If a call to disregard the crate is made, a message must be sent to the active captains on why that call was made.)

Once the SWAT activating situation has been handled (per the activating officers discretion) all SWAT officers must be deactivated.

Casino/Athira Entertainment Policy

The Casino/Entertainment Center will be off limits for on-duty APD officers. However, officers are allowed to go to Casino/Entertainment center with legitimate reason, such as: 

  • Active Visual Pursuit

  • Rescue a kidnapped officer

Once officers arrive at the location they may only retrieve the suspects involved. They may not restrain anyone else at the Location, you may only apprehend the suspects involved in the active visual pursuit and the suspects involved in the kidnapping.  


Any questions/comments/concerns please reach out to a Captain.

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