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(Troubleshooting Arma) Deleting the mission file (PBO file)

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After a request i decided to make a guide on how to delete Asylum and any other Arma 3 mission file.

You might ask why to delete a mission file and that and that's simple Mission files can easily corrupted and if it does you might now be able to join the server before a patch relishes.

First Open AppData

Window key + R

type "%appdata%"

press enter

go back a step so you see this f05084e7af5d0891d59b9dce4cad789e.png


Open local

Open Arma 3

Open MPMissionsCache

look for a file named Altis_Life.Altis and it would look like this


You wont see the same icon on the left

Then delete the file and launch Arma 3 and join the asylum server, you'll start Downloading The mission file!

Hope this guide helped atlaset someone and if it didn't i would look in to different fixes like deleting the .DLL files where you installed arma, creating a new profile, verifying in game cache or even reinstall arma from scratch.

-Kind regards Norwegianviking

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Addet how to find C:\Users\(USERNAME)\AppData\Local\Arma 3\MPMissionsCache
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