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  1. It's funny how mad people get in this community. Especially @Dillon. Holy fuck some of the clips I haveplaying with him. Good shit Tommy. Make em rage.
  2. Good update. Good jerb. Noice
  3. check your flanks bud, also try to avoid using a carry all in a combat situation. I did enjoy the editing and the narration though, along with the background music. It allowed the users a chance to feel as if they were part of what you were experiencing and gives one a sense of suspense.
  4. tf that doesnt even sound like him...kind of sounds like tom delong. i like it.
  5. youre kind of a spazz, but good kills non the less lol what song is that?
  6. It's a helicopter not a pogo stick
  7. He head shot me.. I mean it's a 556 so it really only takes 1 shot... I was attempting to engage some peaceful dialog with him as all apd officers should do, and he took advantage of the situation.
  8. What does that have to do with anything I just said?
  9. I disagree. Not only will this give other players a chance to load in on peak days, this also has a good chance to bring new players to our server, and people that have left the community might actually come back. Anything that we can do to breathe life back into our server is good. +1 for strife
  10. I found this to be entertaining tbh
  11. i found this guy in Athera and convinced him to take me on a drug run..we then pass the fed while it becomes an active robbery. i then decide to go to the robbery, but first, this man has an illegal firearm and i must seize it... it's tough being a cop sometimes
  12. Again I fucked lold hard when I heard the second song. Good shit dude.
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