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    overclocking my gpu till i see colors

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    downloading potato ahks

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  1. "Fixed being able to do certain actions while downed." You're welcome community.
  2. Nothing has changed for me. I'm an introvert and I can't be happier that I get to stay home
  3. Isn't that how you got kicked out of the military?
  4. Game is fuckin dope as hell
  5. You dont have to use your full mag to kill someone my guy
  6. Sp0on

    I'm back boys

    Bring us more gold bars
  7. Who the fuck makes money while on cop? I literally play cop expecting to lose at least 50k, and that's ever since I've retired. I can't count how many orcas/hunters I've lost when I was a SGT.
  8. Spelled out in urine cause merica?
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