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    overclocking my gpu till i see colors

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    downloading potato ahks

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  1. Post this shit somewhere else.
  2. Why do I even click on new content now a days?
  3. Sp0on

    Old man scenario

    The rpg doesnt do anything to the heli. I've shot 3 helis with a round and 2 of them just landed and dropped off troops while the 3rd spun in circles cause I fucked the rotor but it still shot me all to shit
  4. Sp0on

    Old man scenario

    Thanks I'll have to try that cause I do get bored hiding in the jungle a lot
  5. Sp0on

    Old man scenario

    Has anyone played it yet? I find it kinda fun tbh. Sure it's kinda aids cause I'm constantly getting kajmins called on me but I do have to say I am enjoying it.
  6. He's not wrong though. It's not the administration's fault that you're wilfully ignorant.
  7. If u dont hit on 15 against a face card you are retarded. This is coming from a former blackjack dealer
  8. Sp0on

    Moving Forward

    Are u retarded
  9. "Fixed being able to do certain actions while downed." You're welcome community.
  10. Nothing has changed for me. I'm an introvert and I can't be happier that I get to stay home
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