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  1. You can even ask @DarkKnight I was about to resign from the apd once they got the hunters.
  2. wasnt there nudes floating around? although there is no way to confirm they were hers... at any rate @Azeh that's really fucking awesome that you were able to fix something that has been plaguing our community for years. It's a shame that it has taken this long to fix the problem but not something that was your fault. I'm sure the rest of the community agrees when I say that we are grateful for everything you have done and everything you are doing for us.
  3. dont make me reinstall arma to prove you wrong
  4. So rather than fight for the money and earn it youd rather be a fucking roach and shoot someone in the back? Fuck outta here with that.
  5. Took you this long to release this?
  6. i wonder how many people were crying about abuse of lethals at that prison
  7. more people have lived from being shot by a 7.62 than narcan working on someone who has od'd only on meth...but point taken. legit. it would make sense to have the drug fields if this was a thing and a reason to fight cartels. gotta keep the fiends fed.
  8. narcan works with opioids only but +1 on the overdosing.
  9. epstien didnt kill himself

    1. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      he homicided himself

  10. A real catel fighter rdms on sight. Gl though.
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