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The Monopoly Man

****APD Policy Update 08/05/17****

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With the release of 8.0, there are a few APD policy changes to accommodate, one of the biggest ones is the new portable meth RV and what constitutes as probable cause.

  • Seeing an RV with smoke coming out from the top gives probable cause to search the the vehicle and those in the immediate area.
  • Seeing an RV with smoke coming out gives you probable cause to investigate and search regardless of the location. This is similar to how active pursuit operates since you can follow a suspect anywhere as long as you are in pursuit. E.G. Seeing smoke emit from an cartel/rebel, regardless if it is contested or not. There is no life rule to how many times you can respond to these situations, same as an active pursuit, we trust the officers to use their best judgement. If all the officers on scene die while fighting at a rebel/cartel and there is none left at that location, they cannot continue to return unless they obtain a new form of probable cause to head up there. 
  • Seeing an RV with smoke coming out next to a locked house gives you probable cause to search the RV/Suspect but NOT probable cause to conduct a house raid unless you observe him transporting the items from the smoking RV to the locked home or vice versa. 
  • If you catch a suspect who has already sold the illegal items from an RV and he/she is in possession of tainted money, you will charge him with the closest drug field like normal procedures as you are unaware if he/she used it for making meth or transporting different types of drugs. 
  • Officers that encounter a suspect at an RV emitting smoke MUST initiate with sirens/voice/text. Undercover officers are not required to initiate with suspects at an RV with smoke emitting from it.

With the new rotating drug fields/processors, we have noticed there is a chance it may spawn next to a cartel.

  • If a field/processor spawns next to a cartel, the officer will continue with normal police procedures and check the field/processor while ignoring the cartel. If the officer hears shots from the cartel or sees rebels AT the cartel, he is to ignore it. The only instance where an officer can engage with rebels at the cartel while he/she is checking the field/processor is if the rebels decide to openly engage the officers checking the field/processor.  If the rebels do decide to engage, the officers are allowed to fire back and attempt to apprehend the suspects at the cartel ONLY if they fire at the officers first. 

Since the olden days, officers were able to explode vehicles next to homes to gain entry to barricaded suspects. Since the update that no longer allowed small arms fire to blow up vehicles, this was forgotten. Since a newer update turned houses in paper mache, officers have been using flashbangs/firearms to blow up locked homes. This new policy change will make it more clear when it is/isn't allowed to do so.

  • If a suspect is barricaded inside a locked home that is actively shooting endangering the lives of others, Constables, Corporals and Sergeants, may purchase flashbangs to blow up the locked home to gain entry to the suspect shooting ONLY if there is no LT+ online. This can only be done if the suspect is SHOOTING from the home. If there is a locked suspect in a home who is not shooting at officers or civilians, you do not have cause to blow it up. The officers will have to resume normal procedures for suspects in locked homes or contact an offline LT to gain entry.
  • Officers can ONLY use flashbangs to blow up locked homes to retrieve a suspect actively shooting. If an officer blows up a home using anything else besides a flashbang, it will fall under Misuse of APD equipment. 
  • If an officer blows up a house that does not follow these guidelines, he/she will be given 6 points for Unlawful home entry and removed from the APD. This will be added to the IA section of the WIKI. These points also applies to officers who search/seize the items of a crate/barrel after blowing up the home. Under no circumstance whatsoever is the officer supposed to interact with the crates/barrels. The only time crates can be seized/searched is if an LT conducts proper house raiding procedures. 


After observing how Senior staff activities are being handled, we decided to increase the LT cap back from 24 to 28.

New explosive charge update according to gnashes. Big thanks to the apd officers for finding this and bringing it to my attention. 


Kidnapping charge has been changed

  • Kidnapping is only to be added to those who escort someone in restraints. This also applies to those we drive/fly/sail people in restraints as well.

With these policy updates, there may be a few gray areas here and there. If you are uncertain, it is always best to ask an Captain/LT first before doing the wrong thing and getting points for it. 


Any further questions/concerns, feel free to contact a Captain

Thank you

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