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  1. Try anyone in the senior admin clique, it's worked for a few lot of people.
  2. I think there's a bit of a misunderstanding on the balancing here, in my opinion. Out of those 11 cops, how many have a 7.62? Probably 2-3, at best. They're going to be vastly less powerful than your group of (hopefully) 8+ players. You're going to have so many tools at your disposal. The APD has policy that needs to be followed, on top of 95% of the force only having access to 6.5mm weaponry. It's a balancing act, you need to look past the numbers.
  3. But turning yourself in is automatically a 50% reduction. Even if you get “robocopped” it’s still a lot cheaper than paying it off in full, no? Still a benefit. I fail to see the downside here.
  4. Lethals weren't removed. The pardon from it was. If you want to clear your bounty, turn yourself into a cop (for a starting 50% reduction), or go to the courthouse and pay it off in full or turn yourself into jail to clear it for free. It's a small change for a large part of the community. This mostly affects players who abused unreachable locations for free pardons. The overblown complaining is entirely unreasonable.
  5. "People who enjoy playing the server for the bounty hunter aspect" typically aren't the ones this update would affect in the first place.
  6. Spinbotting and 2 deaths?
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