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  1. Myself and one suspect were the only survivors...
  2. Lol I didn't know that was the one with my police app nor did I remember playing that name, I've played under a lot. thanks for the reiewing of my blacklist appeal tho


  3. The rank of 2nd Lieutenant reserved for currently active admins who have proven to be valuable assets to the APD and/or the community, and are a currently active Lieutenant prior to becoming an admin. 2nd Lieutenant means that there is no APD activity requirement for the officer as they have other duties to tend to within the community. I would like to make it clear that nobody is entitled to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and the rank can be revoked for any reason at any time (e.g.: not being a stellar role model while on duty).
  4. Eh, so it can go both ways here. Arguments can be made from everywhere on this one. My personal opinion below. So while I think it's very healthy to have a limit on the amount of police that can go on duty, until improvements can be made to the system in general, it is probably better off gone for now. A couple examples of what I mean: It's currently clunky You'll be able to load into a blufor slot and hit okay to enter the game, but you'll be hit with the cop limit message. Potential Fix: if you are able to click an empty blufor slot to fill it, you should be able to load in. The slots change every so often based on population, I think that is good enough. Cops on duty As it stands, cops currently have to lobby out to be able to redeploy to federal events. Currently, federal events are a tad borked. It can get hectic at times for the cops on duty to respond to them all. Potential Fix: teleport options for federal events to prevent the need to lobby out of the game to respond to the federal events. These are just a couple of my own thoughts on the issue. I'm fairly indifferent to the limit.
  5. So, that's wrong. I don't hold any ill will towards anyone. But even if this statement was true, I'm just going to say that I most likely wouldn't be in a minority of opinion.
  6. Less appropriate, not inappropriate altogether.
  7. The point of my post was not to exclude the forum post itself as a way to convey a suggestion, it was to include more appropriate ways to convey technical suggestions like that. If you can quote me where I said people aren't supposed to comment on the subject, I would appreciate it.
  8. So there are ways to "help out" without trying to seek validation from people. You can private message on the forums You can send a Discord message TeamSpeak If the intention is to help, there are more appropriate ways to do so. Usually if your intention is to help, you don't require validation from the public. Edited to add: We have contributors and developers who are doing a fine job without anyone even knowing. Validation comes from good work and being a team player. The results show themselves.
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