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  1. The weak spot on the Taru is the flat part underneath. Shoot that a couple times with a 7.62 and it'll start leaking fuel very quickly.
  2. If you have video evidence of this happening, you are more than welcome to submit an Internal Affairs report. If what you are describing is what happened, appropriate action will be taken. Keep in mind, the Videos and Screenshots section is not the place to make Internal Affairs reports. Nothing will come from this post. Also keep in mind, being an admin does not get you special treatment on the APD in regards to the Internal Affairs. All APD staff are treated equally.
  3. First Any improper use of these slots will result in immediate removal from the APD. If you suspect anyone is misusing these slots (only Sergeant+ can access them), please file an internal affairs report here: https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/support/
  4. Too many cooks in the kitchen is right. I’m glad to see you’ve taken it upon yourself to take your negative ass out of the kitchen a long time ago. I have to wonder, this is the 2nd Captain announcement thread you’ve come into in 9 months to just bitch. You were a Lieutenant at one point so I don’t think it’s difficult to put two and two together. Just saying. Server’s doing phenomenal after V2’s release by the way, since you care so much. Performance is great, we have @Jake and his crew setting up the Whitelisted EMS and Fire. Moral is the story is that the world moves on. You haven’t.
  5. Cops are about as "basic" as they can get at the moment, which in turn also makes them about as powerless as they have always been. Currently, cops have no medic, undercover, or warrant prestige systems. The extent of any of those is being able to hide your badge and being able to wear non-marked (undercover) clothing and weaponry while in an undercover slot. Do you have any suggestions as to how much more basic cop should be?
  6. Please welcome @Rafael as the APD's new Captain! He will be replacing @Codie Alterman. Take it easy on him as he will be learning the ropes of the position over the coming weeks. Congratulations are in order.
  7. Time to get that coast guard orca finally...
  8. Effective Immediately APD Age Requirement The age requirement to apply to join the APD is now 16 years of age or older. Applicants the age of 16 will receive quadruple points (disciplinary) until they reach the age of 17. Applicants the age of 17 will still receive double points (disciplinary) until they reach the age of 18. If you are interested in applying to the APD, please submit an application here. -The Captains
  9. Learn another language.
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