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Anyone have issues connecting to gaming asylum ts on recent versions on teamspeak. I can only connect if I'm on, but that means I cannot connect to other teamspeaks because they require I later version. On the 3.019.1 I can connect but it always fails the first time  "failed to connect to server" I then reconnect and it works. When I update I can join maybe once in 100 attempts if I'm lucky, all I get is failed to connect to the server. Any ideas?

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Just now, LUCKY713 said:

Have you tried a complete reinstall? 3.1.8 works fine for me as well. You could also try to contact TS about it.

yh many times, I don't get it. If I update I can join almost all servers finr but not gaming asylum. No idea what the issue is other than the updated version of teamspeak. :/

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