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  1. The music is kind of a banger ngl.
  2. My opinion is that grenades would be OP, even though it would be cool to be able to craft. Vests are most definitely a +1
  3. Disciplinary action is always case by case reviewed. It depends on the players history with breaking rules, and severity of the rulebreak. If the player repeats the rulebreak, the punishment will increase as well.
  4. Disable them for this guy here. Shot me way too many times.
  5. See you again saturday!
  6. Koth is great, but strife was something I loved to play imo.
  7. That's been seen in the past, with the armored transport admin events where cops defend with only downing and no restraints. They are fun now and then, but wouldn't know if it's a good idea if they where implemented as a "fed event".
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