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  1. Actually a good routine, you can always vary the types of excersises if you feel like it. But as a start, it looks pretty good.
  2. Good points are made in the video. Consistency is key, if you want to see real results. As far as pre-workout/post workout, it's really not that necessary. As long as you get your macro-nutrients that you need during the day, you will be good. I personally like to have a carb-high meal a couple hours before training, and then eat a nice high-protein meal an hour after training. Only other supplements I use are creatine and whey protein. Those i take inbetween meals, but they are not essential at all. You need to focus on a good diet, in order to actually grow. Nothing special, just put away junk food and eat protein-rich foods and carbs. As far as training, you want to focus on "compound movements" as a beginner. Those types of excercises gives you good strenght and mobility, and works on different muscles at the same time. Focus on those (barbell benchpress, deadlifts, squat, pullups/lat pulldowns, dips, overhead press), and don't focus most of your time on eccentric excersises (bicep curls, machines that hit one small specific musle). Lastly, you also want to be patient and consistent, because results take time to show. You can use my routine as inspiration if you want, but I'd reccommend you training 3-4 times a week to begin with, and then when ready for it, up it to 5-6. Monday: Upper body (5-6 reps max, 5 sets pr excersise) Tuesday: Lower body (5-6 reps max, 5 sets pr excersise) Wedsnday: Rest Thursday: Push (Chest, shoulder, triceps) (10-12 reps max, 3 sets pr excersise) Friday: Pull (back, biceps) (10-12 reps max, 3 sets pr excersise) Saturday: Legs (10-12 reps max, 3 sets pr excersise) Sunday: Rest
  3. Interacting with something, or having phone open in the midst of dying, removes the respawn/request medic buttons
  4. I had similar issues. Upgraded from 8GB RAM to 16GB and now have no issues whatsoever.
  5. It's always different from person to person. I don't personally have a problem with running a strict diet, but if things need to stay interesting with the diet, you can always switch it up with other foods. Try pasta, beans, beef, tuna instead of rice, chicken brocolli for example. But all in all it's what you personally feel the most comfortable with, so that it won't just be a short term thing. Here, consistensy is key.
  6. Nice progress. Just know, diet is a really important aspect of building muscle/loosing fat. When you start focusing on diet, you will see major differences than before. I used to eat like shit and workout, but once I started focusing on my diet, I started getting results like never before. 70% of your workout is the food, the rest is the actual excersice. Focus on proteins and carbs, and cut out excessive fat/trans fat and sugars. Keep those to a minimal. You don't need to be religious about it, but stick to quality foods and you'll be good.
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