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  1. BUMP Back active again and looking for a fight! Albeit not many members at the moment.
  2. Probably something that is now broken. (Since rain got disabled) It has been a 'feature' since like late 2014 if I can remember right, and is supposed to sync realtime weather on the island of Limnos, Greece, which is where Arma 3 Devs drew inspiration for Altis. Or should I say basically copied. Either way it's pretty cool.
  3. Used to own this a while back, not worth much tbf sold it for bank value
  4. This wont happen; but if it does I call dibs on 420
  5. BioHazard

    More Ram

    I noticed a massive difference when I upgraded tbh, especially since I like to keep a load of stuff open. I went from 8gb ddr3 to 16gb ddr4 @ 3200mhz, I've noticed my page file usage has gone down also. Arma tends to use ~10GB, then I easily have room to keep TS, discord, msi afterburner, Spotify, sometimes OBS, and a few chrome tabs open and I can switch between all of them seamlessly, if I tried that with 8gb it would stutter and take a few seconds to load each one from virtual memory. RAM is expensive but if you like to use more than a few things at once and you have a CPU to handle the multitasking, it's definitely worth it.
  6. In game name: Nismo Age: 22 Location/Timezone: UK GMT Arma 3 hours(screenshot) : Asylum hours: Approx 3000+ Previous gangs: Space Turtles, Prodigy, amongst playing with others Do you have sufficient cartel experience?: Yes Why do you want to join us?: To slaughter the APD What can you bring to the FSA?: A desire to rip the heads of cops, and I'm a good heli pilot. Do you know any current members who can vouch for you:? Where's the roster
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