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  1. Do you still use 30 Fov?

    1. Rodrigo
    2. Tony


      Ah that's y I suck I'm on 30.Must be, no other reason y I'm bad.

  2. add dildos like in gta san andreas so we can go round beating each other off, I mean up
  3. sweet jaysus where do you start. Majority of higher ups have to be up there. LT Bunny has to be number 1 right? EDIT @Widsyy for APD #1 robocop
  4. @Rodrigo said he might be interested @Mitch (IFRIT) @uc. If you need ts Mitch let me know
  5. Tony

    sell meth house

    3000 dollars your loosing 217k must be haunted
  6. Tony


    I'm sorry but am I the only one pissing myself laughing at this? It makes me laugh, therefore is SHOULD be in the game!
  7. yh but it wasn't me right? You can check logs in shit
  8. @Mitch (IFRIT) alec is farming for likes with old videos please do something
  9. cus they're all a load of shite and we need to keep this stuff quarantined. Stay safe!
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