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  1. he could use your buttocks as drums? Should get some good deep bass from them puppies.
  2. like come on, plarka and his gang spent hours and hours duping that money so they can spend it how they wish. I say ;et them have there fun
  3. You killed locusts or people if your a locust with shotguns and chainsaws and shit. I really enjoy it, try checking out some youtube vids for multiplayer gameplay. Decent co op and campaign too HUH Rod wat about Witcher 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. come play gears 5 with me brotha!
  5. Kind of looks like a memory leak, are you running 64b? I don't mess with most launch parameters as arma already knows what parameters to run. Silly question but can be overlooked, is your memory installed correctly? Make sure they are installed in the correct slots, so they work in dual channel. You could also do a memtest on your ram to make sure all is working as it should.
  6. u sir are a ……..jigglypuff

    1. Clint Beastwood
    2. Rodrigo


      Both of you are midgets and your hair smell footsweat 😚

  7. Ah ok, so are u an olympus player coming over to asylum?
  8. I was told they stepped in because admins were selling money?
  9. admin selling money to players, Bohemia shut it down. Database completely wiped backups too.
  10. @Copa id luv to stand on ur neck, Is this something that can be arranged?
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