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****APD Policy Update 05/09/18****

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   Over the last few months the Captains have been keeping a close eye on some outdated policies as well as trying out new things to keep it fun and fair for both civilians and rebels. With that being said, these new policies will be effective immediately.


Federal Reserve

If there is an active fed going on officers may NO longer seize gold bars out of the vehicle unless there is a 1 minute all clear. If the vehicle manages to escape the fed and is stopped in route to rebel, then the officers will have 2 options.

1. Wait for the one minute all clear call and seize gold.

2. Sergeants and above may hop in vehicle during combat and begin to drive back to the HQ and seize upon arrival.


Cartel Raids

Going forward with cartel raids there will be 2 new rules implemented that all offices must abide by. Any higher-ranking officers caught abusing these rules will be held accountable.

1. After any SGT + calls a cartel raid, they must mark that cartel with the time (just like drug fields) once its completed. Once that raid is over no new raids may be called for 20 mins.

2. If there are 8 or more officers attending that cartel raid it will be a ONE LIFE RULE. If there is 7 or less officers going to that cartel raid then officers may respond back as many times as they wish until all officers are killed/raid ends.


Warning Shots at Helicopters

When helicopters are flying around outside of the HQ's, warning shots will no longer be an acceptable way to initiate by APD standards. If you wish to shoot at a helicopter outside of an HQ you MUST text the pilot first before shooting. If Helicopters are hovering/flying around at an HQ then officers may use warning shots to deter the heli (still try and text pilot first if possible). If the helicopter does not fly away after given a sufficient amount of time then all officers on scene may shoot at the heli.


Any further questions/concerns, feel free to contact a Captain

Thank you

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