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****APD Policy Update 06/27/18****

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Effective Immediately -


Cartel Raiding Policy:

If a cartel is contested a Sgt + can raid a cartel but only if there is a fugitive ping, APB, or warrant.

In the event that there is a Lt+ on then they will become the lead of the operation, unless they choose not to in which case it would refer back to the Sgt.

Armor is still required as the lead vehicle for any cartel raid. Any officer that participates in the cartel raid are subject to a ONE life rule. All officers must meet up before entering a cartel raid. Once the initial push has been made no other officers can partake in the raid.

There is to be only ONE raid per restart. Upon entering the cartel, if it is clear and no shots fired, then this will NOT count as a raid. However, if someone is apprehended with no shots fired than this will still count as a raid.

Once the Raid is over the lead officer will mark the cartel with their name and time.

Active pursuit rules will stay the same as well as APB/Warrant tracking if the Cartel is Uncontested.


Rebel Outpost:

Going forward the only probable cause reasons to enter a rebel outpost are,

- Warrant tracking
- LT+ Raid
- Parole Violations
- Active Pursuit

Fugitive Pings, 911 Pings, hostage negotiations, and vehicle trackers will no longer grant probable cause to enter a rebel outpost.

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