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  1. Its also another thing to do/strive for which asylum is lacking nowadays for those who've been playing a long time
  2. +1, its a money sink, its something to work for IMO
  3. 10k for an mk1??!!! Disappointed
  4. +1 but it would have to be a couple hundred meters out, maybe something like when u used to log off at a cartel and it would spawn u randomly around it at a certain distance
  5. We play squad now, apply with your most recent KD to join (If you get more kills than Sky aka 1 kill ur in)
  6. What was so bad about the grotty gangs? I found them hilarious
  7. Get off the thread please, only OG Stellar members are welcome
  8. Batcan is being dishonorably discharged for snaking my speedbomb yesterday For all future applicants: Batcan's word means nothing
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