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  1. Pizza Man

    V2 feedback

    Unfortunately the hint provided in the HUD layout editor is for advanced hints and unless you want everyone's default notification position to be in the middle of the screen then I think the static top right corner is pretty good, so not exactly broken mister. I am going to have to speak with my lawyers about this blatant slander and figure a settlement to cover the impacts this has had on Gibbo Slavone Pizza's enterprise.
  2. Pizza Man

    V2 feedback

    Toss these colored group indicators in the next patch. It is pretty hard to mess up but I left you one good example and one bad example just in case. Just include the leader icon, don't make it look laggy, add a toggle feature in the settings and let us put whatever colors we want without it being some donator perk and then stuff your pockets with easy likes on the patch notes. Edit: Highly recommend the default video editor that comes with windows 10.
  3. Probably would take me like five minutes or six minutes tbh.
  4. literally stand down and bow to my queen.
  5. Its not like he asked to be banned, so insensitive ...
  6. 40% discount should cover these gaming shoes
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