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  1. @HapHazard Well the one good point you made was showing everyone who the resident ass kisser is. Here's alil something to help you out in the future with your duties bro
  2. you want a dumb fucking wetsuit? pay us $100 and you can have is this thing made of? the souls of unborn children? Almost as bad as this gas price meme......
  3. naw man fuck that
  4. please make tarus craftable
  5. it's recently
  6. All people know how to do is some appreciation that they even changed anything for us
  7. just PM me you credit card & pay-pal info and i'll sort you out ASAP! also to move things along quicker you may want to add your social security number as it will help my friend whom happens to be a struggling African prince but promises to pay you back really soon with $1million in Bitcoin
  8. Why would a "Captain" have any say in the rules on initiation? if they were a Mod+ then sure but otherwise its no different from me saying it.
  9. rebels dont have an honor system or the equivalent in place thats what this entire topic is based off of, And cops Cry about anything that doesn't inflate their false sense of superiority because most of em have super low self esteem irl and take it out on civ's ingame
  10. Do you smell that? smells like FEAR to me......
  11. ur processor is the main problem, grab an i7-7700k for $350 and watch ur fps soar
  12. @SpArtacUS, bro are you a robot?
  13. i use , as long as you scan it first you'll be fine