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  1. Also how about a silenced .45 ACP, is there a way to script the silencer to the ACP so that its baught with it on and cannot be removed once owned?
  2. If this logic was used consistently then there wouldn't be any weapons in the bounty hunter shop, All the weapons sold there are able to equip "Lethal" rounds in them so if this was enacted as a "special" master bounty hunter perk all the APD would have to do is ask them to display their bounty badge like they usually do anyway. Also this would allow the LT's to keep their very own "Special Reward" the 4-five. Also its only 6 rounds per reload so its not exactly OP but more of a Trophy for the few who actually make it to Master.
  3. how about a downing version of the Zuber? or the ADR-97 with downing rounds?
  4. It's simple.... Altis is a giant Hillbilly Hedge Fund map since their the only type of ppl who actually do Meth irl.....well those and @shattman, If it were realistic then Cocaine would be the real money maker but instead its Chunky Love & Scooby Snacks cause someone watches too much breaking bad >.>;;