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  1. You're looking at the wrong portion of that statute I believe.
  2. I just tried that link, but with the information I provided I was given a warning for spamming...
  3. That he likes committing felonies? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Almost 5 years ago I purchased Arma 3 at the urging of a friend to play something called Altis Life. My friend said I had to play on a server called the Asylum - so I bought the game on steam and we all got on S1. That night I ended up with a Katiba trying to rob people processing cocaine. I ended up getting killed by a guy named DanteSleepy, but I was hooked. Through the months that followed I ended up in a little gang named Innovative, then as an Admin, a Captain in the APD, Community Manager, Developer, and finally an owner of the community. I've enjoyed the years here, but it is
  5. bamf

    Change log 8.2.3

    Quick hotfix going out to fix the inventory issue.
  6. First off, a big shout out to @Windmere and @Gen. Henry Arnold for the bug fixes in this patch. They have both spent a good deal of time going through and fixing bugs that have been reported. Now for the notes: Y inventory should no longer fall through buildings. Fixed a bug that allowed people to get into vehicles while their hands are up or while they are repairing. Fixed an exploit related to parole. Lieutenants & Captains now spawn with IR lasers. Fixed a bug that caused the "Add IR Laser (Lethal)" action for Lieutenants and Captains to delete t
  7. No, it's not a 2 minute fix. There are other systems that got integrated into it as well...
  8. Actually it was working fine, but Poseidon thought that making Y inventory into vehicles instead of simple objects would fix lag on the server. We know that's not the case, so we'll revert the Y back to simple objects and it will go back to the state of working properly where Gnashes and I had it...
  9. bamf

    Change log 8.2.2

    Wait, a cop wants to know why we fixed an exploit? Points?
  10. bamf

    Change log 8.2.2

    Yes, but drug zones have to have some risk. Adding more just reduces the overall risk. Think about things from a balance perspective...
  11. bamf

    Change log 8.2.2

    You've gotten more of them over the last 10 days than in a while though right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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