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  1. and you asked me to 1v1??!?!?!?!??!
  2. Strife, Domination, and cartels. Three choices. Secret is to make the cop enjoy being kidnapped. Have fun with them make it enjoyable. no This is literally how it was. Not to mention it's difficult for us to process currently. We just recently resolved constant speedbombs and vests. If cops are trolling you or being extremely unprofessional make an IA report and send it to me on discord (.Bherky#8953). If you want something to ever be added work out every detail of what you want to be added. Make the skins and the quests.
  3. unactivating windows let’s u see through smoke better
  4. You had a chance to move, they were remaining a slow pace and direct flight path. Plus you blew them up, they didn't vdm you did.
  5. Bherky

    New Mods

    Didn't realize you were complimenting
  6. Bherky

    New Mods

    mad cuz bad #bigupsforryan
  7. very beautiful stars not as many shooting stars pls
  8. I make a shit load of money I make and spend 600k a day. I don't care about money and hold it like some people do. That's why my bank is so low lol.
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