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  1. @Bera I agree with the whole post, however regardless of the rebels having fun or not, they surely enjoy making money off of it.
  2. I’ve thought about this for a while now. I’m not sure if it’s possible with our current menus but can we have our y-inventory saved with our loadouts? @Azeh @Mr. Slick @Gen. Henry Arnold It doesn’t take much time to buy y-inv but it would be a nice quality of life change in the next update.
  3. LOOK HOW MANY TIMES I'VE HID IT. This freak Mitch has unhid it 9 time, AND uploaded the montage on his youtube
  4. @Crossfade What do you propose as a solution? If you want something done then come up with an idea that doesn't exclude people from playing the game. I can't lie it's pretty shitty that they teleport around (regardless of a tower) but on the other hand Asylum welcomes ethnic diversity in the community, and is why we have multiple support channels and staff for different languages.
  5. Keep an eye out next time you see a ping in an illegal area, and check to see if its under $2500. Like DK said I don't think I've ever seen any under $2500 but it's possible. Let me know if it does ping for under $2.5k I personally dislike the speeding charges because it clutters the wanted list, it gives an OCD numbered bounty, and overall doesn't add anything other than inconvenience to civ and APD, it barely adds role play.
  6. "So basically actually these speeding charges are charges that actually came from the checkpoint that I was actually speeding past." Very good roleplay that you are generating here.
  7. I think that you might want to reconsider online gaming...
  8. Shit quality for some reason, enjoy.
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