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  1. Truly the best gang out there. No competition.
  2. average 10k+ hr player +1
  3. torre clip had me on my ass
  4. Bherky


    mans gotta eat "retard" doesn't seem very liberal to me but u should ask samp
  5. If you decamp while there is an ifrit coming at you imo that is your fault, have some more situational awareness before you drop. If you know someone is decamped behind an ifrit and you ram it, that is VDM. You are not armor v armor at that point, and you are slamming a vehicle into a person. I've heard a lot of misconceptions or contradicting statements regarding vdm in this situation and I see how it could be frustrating. Previous to the v2 dom era, if there was a spangled body and as long as it was not a direct result of you or your gang mate, it would be perfectly fine to kill them, however it seems now regardless of the situation, if someone is spangled and if they did not spangle themselves, you can not kill them. Another point is that with VDM, the intent of the vdmer is very important and in most cases in big fights there are a lot of different factors and can be situational. My advice from personal experience is if you get a gut feeling that you could get banned for vdm during fights, let them get back up. tldr: Don't shoot spangled people unless they spangle themselves, take the better safe than sorry approach. It's always better to spend 5 min re-gearing than to spend 24 hours or more arguing about what has already happened.
  6. aim bad but good kills
  7. the realest chigga out there
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