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  1. The price doesn't really seem to matter if it changes under 25k because most of the people who want the quilin back have been playing the server for more than 2 years and are financially stable. So 15k to me doesn't sound right to me anymore. What about the suggestion for being able to buy vehicles at rebel with bloodmoney??
  2. Understood, but can you bring this up to Mitch? and what about vehicles for bloodmoney?
  3. They are useless without the doors, only good for people who can't offroad in hatchbacks. I have resorted to buying minigun quilins just for the doors.
  4. Fair point but not everyone will invest 60k on a solo push. They would rather take an ifrit and slam with 5 people spending the same as a quilin.
  5. Makes sense to me but admins won't agree to it. Also quilins are impenetrable to 762, quickpeeking from it is dumb op. Thats why I said 60k
  6. Let us purchase vehicles with bloodmoney Quilins without doors should be 15k Quilins with doors should be 60k (same as an ifrit)
  7. It only makes sense to add my baby to one of the gender options @Gen. Henry Arnold @Mitch (IFRIT)
  8. congrats you beat asylum, now leave.
  9. I couldn't have done it without Zdeat's Swat Training!
  10. I listen to country, but that wouldn't work with a montage. Actually, fuck it next one is country.
  11. Clips from the past four days, enjoy.
  12. LOL acting as if you didn't do the same. also I left a few times to buy juul pods
  13. Leave the soundcloud “beat producer” alone. These forums are the only way for him to feel special.
  14. Johnny afks mid fight, don't listen to him.
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