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  1. GGs. Bringing back asylum cartel fighting!
  2. We made 820k each. 7.6mil + 600k for #1. Half of that would suffice. This was the first time this event was hosted on a large scale which explains the 70 player pop. I would assume that it will average around 50 players each domination. Also #2 spot should not make even close to the money that the #1 spot makes. They should make half of whatever #1 makes. I'm not sure how the math works but I know that it splits between everyone that has at least 1 point. It should be a fight for #1 instead of the top 3. 2nd place should just barely break even. This is just an idea,
  3. Anything purchased goes into pot. Vehicles, loadouts, y-inv, suicide vests, etc..
  4. Why are you writing this only after the vote happened. Sounds like you knew it was going to happen and waited for the moment to complain.
  5. @Zurph @Winchester Subject to change.
  6. Big man over here seems to know it all @Big Gay Jay Conquest is steady 20 players this past month, cheaters have been banned. 12 of those 20 are TP. Clashing the times I will agree isn’t the best idea. I put my vote it. Reborn, GTA, and oly have their specific times and they don’t overlap. It’d be nice to have domination either before oly so EU could play, I always hear the EU dudes complain about it being in the AMs for them. Also our peak times are after 7pm EST. So doing it before then could be beneficial. I have East coast bias so PST makes it difficult for me to make a
  7. Just wait till I can patrol it pal
  8. Bherky

    hella bad

    What are you gonna do? tiktok dance battle me
  9. I7-10700, GTX 960, 32g ddr4, SSD. I play lower setting cause every bit of fps matters, I get around 70-90.
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