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  1. nigga look at the oly warzone cap, it has 5 cartels to push. Our warzone has 2 and its almost as if this is being added for conquest zones... smh aslan
  2. You seem to be getting a lot of criticism, but you need it. The people above me summed up the group cap pretty well. One thing that will make or break conquest for asylum is whether or not you allow others to disrupt the event. I am not trying to get bounty hunted or killed trying to gear up. There will be zones to capture, and a timer after you die to respawn DIRECTLY to the rebel outpost and have a safe zone timer of 5 minutes. Just listen to us Steve.
  3. Aslan I have a stroke trying to understand what you say all the time. No one will stop fighting because of a cartel being added, stop crying. Instead of this cap being another arms dealer, it should be a drug cartel. That would be much more fun.
  4. As a suggestion, we need a rock (similar to star or even vendor) that will overlook these areas (or any area to give a balance for the attackers) . Tweak it however you want, but make the rock similar to star on og. Also making this rock further back ~100-200m away or so. If adding the rock where I suggested makes it too similar to og, experiment putting it in different places and make it unique. OG arms is fun to fight because it is very balanced for either side. Adding sets of rocks around the area (that have purpose) will add to this dynamic. @Gen. Henry Arnold I rea
  5. Just move on aston... go play olympus now.
  6. @Gen. Henry ArnoldConsider adding a feature that makes free fire zones automatically place you at war (basically getting war kills when you are on og island and drug peninsula). Only people that would complain is DS, everyone else would love to see it.
  7. I ain't going to hate you're making bank off this.
  8. lmao what is this useful for? just drive 500m more from therisa and you're at rebel.
  9. It would be funny to show them what no group cap looks like.
  10. That man dedicated his life to passing you.
  11. Hi Mitch, I'm in a good mood. I hope you're having a wonderful morning.
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