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  1. Yeah unfortunately that's where asylums players are at rn.
  2. Right, but we’re talking about people who fight cartels here.
  3. Yeah I get its only 3k each, but literally no one ever uses them, its probably cause its a waste of money. You never get to actually use them and most of the time you forget you even have them. So if you are paying 6k extra (the cost of your clothing) just for nades you won't end up using then it makes sense for only admins to use them because they don't care about money. I'm not here to argue that admins should have them taken away, rather I'm just telling you that admins have the luxury of carrying two nades without having the risk of losing anything. (just let me buy ifrits with bloodmoney man!!)
  4. This is a huge +1 for me @Ethan Darrell Some people are annoyed by the fact that they're fighting people with unlimited kits, I don't mind that cause in my opinion a fight is a fight. Where is troubles me is when an admin uses nades. I know that people argue that using two nades is reasonable, but I have NEVER and I really mean NEVER see anyone ever use nades other than admins.
  5. The implementation of a conquest allows for other communities to join this server for the conquest (that's the only reason why I play Olympus). Even if the conquests are the only fights we get for cartels it would still be amazing to have (rather than casual cartel fighting). Some quick features to make cartel/rebel life better for everyone would be to add the following: Addition of war kills system for the free-fire warzone marked areas. (automatically counting your kills as war kills, (including cops) this is how it is on many other servers.)) Addition of purchasing from rebel vehicle market with blood money. Addition of conquest/domination game mode. To the admins and developers if you want the cartel life to come back, pay attention to what other servers have that this one doesn't when it comes to cartel fighting. That's just my two cents. Not too long ago in the middle of summer we had fights of 10 malicious, 10 kingsmen, 10 KGB, sanity, ppg, and paradox all fighting at the same time. I talked with a lot of the people in those gangs and they all said they just got burned out, or that money was the problem, or that their gangmates were going slowly inactive. That's what's happening right now, the only gang fights that happen are literally just the remainder of virtue and unknown. I got tired of the boring fights, my friends tell me log on and after one push the other gang goes and fights cops or runs with ifrits instead of fighting. (Although controversial I would like to have things like decrease in sway, increase in jump script, and qilins w doors but adding these to Asylum would feel awkward for those who aren't used to the jump script and decreased sway.)
  6. I requested something like this before, I think it would be awesome to have it but difficult to have dev make it. I really like this idea. +1 Do you mean be able to buy these from outpost or sell them for blood money?
  7. - doesn't like mutes - gets frags - whispers very loudly - sent me tss Overall good player +1
  8. Bherky


    lol farmer cmon man use your brain
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    shh im trying to figure it out
  10. This seems fun, definitely will be trying this out.
  11. Bherky

    wasgood hoes

    Would you like to introduce yourself to us? Not sure we recognize you.
  12. This sounds awesome, except for the fact that there are no competing gangs. Cartel scene has been especially quiet past month or two.
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