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  1. HomeTrlx liked a post in a topic by JoeDa in Instead of making barley illegal   
    Lispy retard LOL.
  2. BaDaBiNg_10-8 liked a post in a topic by HomeTrlx in Changes in Asylum   
    O7 Bada you are an awesome dude and I wish you the best of luck in life!
  3. HomeTrlx liked a post in a topic by Mitch (IFRIT) in Reason   
    It took you more time to make this post than to actually file a simple report if there was an issue.
  4. HomeTrlx liked a post in a topic by Xavorey in New Support Team Members   
    Congrats @HomeTrlx @BlackShot @DaX ! <3
  5. HomeTrlx liked a post in a topic by Jesse in Asylum Needs You! (Developers / Designers)   
    Hey all,

    So currently the development team is looking for some additional help. We are in need of people for various specialized positions. To help streamline the process we've also created a new method for submitting applications for the positions listed below.
    Positions Available:
    Gfx Designer - 1 Position(s) available at this time Map Designer - 1 Position(s) available at this time Content Developer - 1 Position(s) available at this time Web Developer - 1 Position(s) available at this time Description of Positions
    Gfx Designer: The role of the graphic designer is to support the other positions (web/content/map) by creating graphics not limited to but mainly textures/icons/images. These graphics could be displayed on the website, in-game on billboards, or used on new textures for vehicles. The content created is to be of quality and should show that thought and effort was put in to the work. Map Designer: The role of the map designer is to support the on-going in-game development of the content developers and creating new map areas or modifying requested portions of the map from either the developers or from upper server management. You could be creating totally new areas on the map for a new server event, new runs, or new objectives. You could also just be making slight adjustments to object orientations and helping perfect object placement on the map and such. Content Developer: Developers are going to be primarily working on new in-game content, bug fixes, exploit resolutions, etc. This role is relatively self explanatory I feel... Web Developer: The role of the web developer will be to create or modify existing web applications and features. This could include modification of forum configurations, content, and flow. This will also involve the creating, updating, and maintaining of various systems such as admin control panels for in-game content management systems. Position Requirements:
    ALL POSITIONS: Must be at least 18 years old at time of applying. Must have work examples or proof of knowledge for the position you are applying for. Must have the ability to required software/programs to do the role. Must not be completely brain-dead and have the ability to comprehend given tasks and ask semi-intelligent questions if help is required with your task. If I can find the answer on Google in 5 seconds... it's a stupid question Ability to use TeamSpeak as primary method of communication and Discord as a secondary. Ability to tolerate my mood swings and not take the mean things I say occasionally to heart. Ability to self improve based off of criticism.  
    Gfx Designer: Access to Photoshop or another content creation tool. Working knowledge of TexView 2 (to convert images to .paa for A3). Map Designer: Knowledge of how to use the Arma 3 Map Editor. Content Developer: Adequate knowledge of SQF. Knowledge of version control systems such as git. Can at least make it by in the Arma 3 Editor. Thick skin. Web Developer: Working knowledge of any of the following PHP/HTML/CSS Knowledge of version control systems such as git. Knowledge of common web related exploits and vulnerabilites such as XSS, CSRF, etc. How to Apply:
    Go here: http://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/support/ Select Dev/Design Application from the department dropdown Fill out the fields In the large text field at the bottom please include some information about yourself, any supporting work, and anything you feel we should know about you or your skills that could help us. Submit the form once completed to the best of your ability. Drink a warm cup of milk or something... Watch your support request for followup questions or decision on your application.  
    I am looking to fill these positions as soon as possible. More positions are likely to open in the future, however to minimize impact on the team and to keep things rolling smooth, we're slowly going to recruit help. Feel free to apply even if the role has been filled, as we will maintain your application and potentially go back to it if we're looking to fill more spots in the future. Please take time in filling out your application and be selective on your work examples.
    Any questions regarding any of the above content can be directed to me via forum messenger.
  6. HomeTrlx liked a post in a topic by Sean That Irish Guy in OMG CAPTAINS BE MAKING DECISIONS   
    I dont get why this is being brought up over and over again and people are getting mad. P2 used to have this as a precinct rule for like 3 years and nobody said shit and it worked fine.
  7. HomeTrlx liked a post in a topic by Codie Alterman in ****APD Policy Update 5/14/2019****   
    Illegal Areas (two life rule)  **UPDATE**
    When entering any illegal area, officers now have a two life rule.
    Officers may only patrol illegal areas once every 20 minutes if no suspicious activity is observed that requires their attention.
    Officers are allowed to return to illegal areas before the 20 minute timer is up under the following circumstances:
    If a 911 text is sent within the illegal area. If a fugitive pings from inside of the illegal area. If a vehicle with a tracker enters the illegal area. If nearby traffic enters the illegal area. Active visual pursuit into the illegal area. If an officer needs to update a warrant or APB. If an officer dies within an illegal area, they may return one more time per engagement.
    The two life rule does not apply when there are 5 or less officers online.
  8. HomeTrlx liked a post in a topic by TheCrestedPenguin in SPOILERS game of thrones season 8 episode 5 in 3 words   
    You're fucking ugly for linking a fucking facebook meme page
  9. Chow Mein liked a post in a topic by HomeTrlx in Close all servers during non peak hours   
    You prolly never heard of this.
  10. Bread liked a post in a topic by HomeTrlx in APD Jeeps again?   
    I would like to have even more vehicles but I would never drive the jeep.... 
    +1 for more vehicles
    -1 just because I cant drive.
  11. Sp0on liked a post in a topic by HomeTrlx in Close all servers during non peak hours   
    You prolly never heard of this.
  12. Space liked a post in a topic by HomeTrlx in Close all servers during non peak hours   
    You prolly never heard of this.
  13. HomeTrlx liked a post in a topic by Leady in Police brutality [ captain durga]   
    That sounded like the nice Durga. 8/10 No action Taken.
  14. Mason liked a post in a topic by HomeTrlx in Close all servers during non peak hours   
    You prolly never heard of this.
  15. HomeTrlx liked a post in a topic by BU | I have aids inmybutt in New Support Team Members   
    So theres @Ron Johnson the letsplay/tutorial G O D
    @DaX The oldie but goodie (him and @HomeTrlx are probably the only ones I am happy to see up there)
    @YuSheng @BlackShot and @Term, the 3 that speak multiple languages (I don't get why we need that on a English RP server)
    As well as @DonDurka and @Smee I have nothing against them, and I expect great things to come out of some of these people.
  16. HomeTrlx liked a post in a topic by HomeUser in New Support Team Members   
    Congrats @DaX @HomeTrlx
  17. HomeTrlx liked a post in a topic by Kev 23 in New Support Team Members   
    Congrats guys! @Smee Future FSA admin @HomeTrlx @YuSheng @Term  beaner
  18. HomeTrlx liked a post in a topic by Chow Mein in APD Training Calendar   
    Hello all, as of recent we have been using the forum calendar to mark all of our training's which can be found under the more tab on the top of your screen.  With every system however, there are always some bugs to be worked out so I figured I would put this together to help you figure it out. We are required to post our training's 1 hour before they start as well as what type of training it will be. 
    The first bug on the Calendar is the fact that everything seems to be behind by "1". So this would refer to the Month as well as the days. When we post a training on the calendar, it will be one day behind so keep that in mind. As for the month being behind you will see what I mean in the next section. 
    Another major bug I have noticed is the fact of not being able to choose the month you want to go to, so a simple fix for this would be to change the link. 
    At the end of the link you can see it goes /2019/4/. In order to see the month you wanna see, you can change the last digit, which in this case would be "4" to whatever month it is. So for the month of May you would but "6". Like I had stated above, the calendar is "1" behind, so if you were to put /2019/1/, it would bring you to December.  
    One last thing I would like to say is being able to follow the Training Calendar. If you want to know when training's are posted without checking all the time, simply go to the training calendar and click the follow button. 

    Thank you all for coming to our training's it means a great deal to us. I would also like to thank you all for being so understanding with the bugs of the calendar.  
    -Chow Mein
  19. HomeTrlx liked a post in a topic by Zaka in New Support Team Members   
    congrats too the new supports
  20. HomeTrlx liked a post in a topic by Leady in New Support Team Members   
    Please join us in congratulating and welcoming several new members to the support team.
    @BlackShot @DaX @DonDurka @HomeTrlx @Term @Ron Johnson @Smee @YuSheng
    These folks will be the front line for assisting players, especially with Asylum V2 right around the corner.
    I want to take a minute and highlight a few of these new members and the various languages they will be able to assist.
    Blackshot - Portuguese 
    Term - Spanish
    YuSheng - Chinese 
    Welcome to the support team!
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