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  1. Lance

    Buying S1 Sheds

    excellent let me know when you lower it in-game
  2. Lance

    Buying S1 Sheds

    I'll do anything under 550
  3. 750k if still availible willing to negotiate on price
  4. I'm looking for S1 sheds, location doesn't matter too much to me. I pay hefty.
  5. Lance

    Why can't I make meth?

    Is the talent required to make meth?
  6. Lance

    Why can't I make meth?

    I didn't think so, but how am I supposed to make meth?
  7. Lance

    Why can't I make meth?

    Didn't know there was a license?
  8. Lance

    Why can't I make meth?

    I had 8 of each when I went up to it.
  9. Clearly I'm missing something. Everyone is saying all you need is Ephedra, Hydrogen Sulfate, and Phosphorus to make meth and then to go process it at the meth lab, but whenever I try that the little sign at the meth lab doesn't give me any options to do anything. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
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