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  1. @Mitch (IFRIT) @Jesse what are your opinions on this?
  2. I know reading isn’t your strong suit.
  3. Also to everyone saying stratis or sumn, while I enjoy the those maps, I don’t think in the long run that’d be the best idea because that’s basically just reopening a new server like they said they already don’t plan on doing. Just do Altis and let it be an alternative to the main so people have the option of playing endgame or having the opportunity to experience a new start on here again with everyone else. I know most of the most enjoyable moments I had on asylum were when I first started.
  4. I’m just saying having an option to play on a fresh server while not conflicting my stuff I played years for sounds very appealing to me and it seems like the same for others. Not even really talking about a wipe. Just talking about an asylum clone but fresh start while keeping the main server too.
  5. Make a second server where it’s a fresh wipe. I feel like this could bring back a good portion of pop since it wouldn’t mean people have to start fresh if you wiped all stats.I feel like a lot of people left because there is no longer incentive to play due to everyone being in end game. This would give the feel of a new server but with the already built functions of asylum. I know I would come back if something like this happened. If anyone else agrees you should drop a +1.
  6. stay the fuck off our thread you fat little ape
  7. Imagine getting denied u fucking loser. Oh wait U don’t have to imagine ahhahaha cry cry cry
  8. Revenant

    COVID Baby

    Please say sike bro
  9. I paint balled my friend in an empty HQ 5 min til restart and then swerved in the road and a fat asian retard ran into a wall “because of me” and I got blacklisted by a retired captain.
  10. every day we come closer to the end
  11. I say keep the price the same because none of you retards even know how to spell Qilin even though you probs read it every day.
  12. If you’re going to do all this shit at least make the MX legal again. Or the spar at bare minimum
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