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  1. Ur shit posse could never compare to the Powerpuff Girls i.e Kawaii Killer Kitties. Keep this to recruitment only buckaroo
  2. Is there another server I don’t know about
  3. Revenant


    Kawaii Killer kitty uniform
  4. I never want to be put in a list with this many retards ever again.
  6. i always ran with a 100k+ bounty while i was bh nothing will change
  7. imagine having a typo when calling someone a retard, retard
  8. not gonna say im the reason the spar is in, but im the reason the spar is in
  9. time to kill the playerbase by sending them all to jail
  10. anything is better than playing arma for 168 hours a week
  11. jwilly has been prospering since he has been banned. being freed from arma has saved his life
  12. BH Representative Revenant here, I do believe I should get access to see the new bh system as I am the BH Representative.
  13. imagine me hanging myself jk thats not that bad
  14. Was always around 20k for a loadout for me. If I buy a MX loadout with CSATS on cop it’s 6k for me. Flashes are irrelevant.
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