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  1. Okay so if the limit doesnt affect the cops what is the point in adding it?
  2. What you really need to ask is if this is such a problem where a rule really needs to be added about it. You probably got fucked over once at a turf and now have come to the forums crying about it. How many times have turfs turned red and cops have showed up. Its probably every 1 in 20 at rodo and the others will be next to never. Unless its a real problem what is the purpose of making a rule about it. Cops drive through rodo all the time while its red and just let rebels fight it. Personally the only time I stop at a red turf is when rebels shoot at me while im passing through.
  3. Donor 8 for 500$?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Filip(mrav)


      Trying to go for chief of police ?

    3. Lucien


      Paypal me the extra $250 and Ill make sure you get something nice

    4. Bag Of Funyuns

      Bag Of Funyuns

      I don’t even have donor 1. Feels bad man.

  4. Im so glad to see cop prestige is being worked on. I'm pretty sure there are lots of corporal still wanting to buy undercover stuff for their first time
  5. Ari and chesra please stop and just read for a second.
  6. I need new clan on clash of clans, hook me up
  7. This orca is 1.8km away. Please can we go back to the old lights


    1. BlackShot


      Hahahah. We don't need to go back to the old lights. It just needs to get adjusted.

    2. Azeh


      Turning them off/on would fix. However, code fix coming soon.

    3. GO7NEY


      off/on always does the job. typical tech support azeh

  8. A few days. That is cute, try over a month.
  9. HomeUser

    Farewell All

    o7 You did a very good job and you helped the server out a lot.
  10. What made you go to the effort of uploading this on the forums? I hope this topic doesn't get a single like
  11. Just wondering when these medic apps are gonna get a reply.

    1. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      Don't get why we have to copy and paste the app into a private message either.

    2. Clint Beastwood

      Clint Beastwood

      After release + 1 week.

    3. Reformed epTic

      Reformed epTic

      so in 4 months? feelsamazingman

  12. Its like we have never seen a speedbomb before
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