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  1. Before y'all roast my meme, look at the health of my character.
  2. How about writing a script that automatically shuts the server down with a warning if it senses it's about to crash. That way we can come back instead of waiting 20 minutes.
  3. I know there have been countless threads about the server problems, but for real, every time I try to do something with my gang the server lags and crashes. Fix this, it's been going on for too long and has become a meme among the community. It's just ridiculous at this point. You've built up a community that loves the dynamic of your servers, don't let us down. Can we at least can an answer as to why it is happening? It is someone DDOSing it, performance issues or just your provider being unreliable? I'm typing this right now has Server 2 is down, and we were just about to capture some cartels. Edit: It's now been down for 15+ minutes, on a Sunday man, on a freaking Sunday. Can an admin not ignore the thread and respond to it?
  4. I promise I had a hit on every one in Kavala
  5. So the qilin isn't going to be changed back I assume. Going to be even harder to sell my houses now damn it. Wish you guys polled us before making the change, it's your server but we play on it.
  6. Thanks for reading the thread, reset the Qilin storage back to what it previous was. I was zoomin meth runs with it.
  7. Selling houses on server 2 as well but it was currently lagging at the time of this post so you'll have to for that.
  8. It's actually terrible, you play on server 3 for 30 minutes and it shits the bed. You head over to server 2, 30 minutes later it shits the bed. Asylum turning real shitty
  9. Just an idea, don't bash on it too much. Constructive feedback would be nice. Idea: Instead of when you steal vehicles and only having the option to go to the chop shop, you can take it to a DMV in town for a chance to steal the registration/title giving you the ability to spawn the car from your own garage (basically means it's yours). With this could come new talents that give you a higher probability of "tricking" the DMV attendee. This has to be a probability system in which if you fail (meaning the DMV attendee "notices" it's stolen) you receive a bounty and the car is seized. A high risk, high reward scenario. This will give us the ability to choose whether we want to chop it or possibly claim it as our own. Would love to hear feedback regarding this, it would give new meaning to stolen vehicles. Also, another feature that could be implemented is that as a player you can buy more protection on your vehicles in the event someone does try to change the title at the DMV, if they catch them, the car is returned back to the original owner.
  10. In game name: Danny Teamspeak name: Danny Timezone: Eastern Age: 18 Arma 3 hours (screenshot): What members can vouch for you?: None Why should we accept you into Exposed Gaming?: Friends don't usually play Arma 3, just looking for a group to chill and play Asylum with. I can hold my own, won't beg anyone for cash, and I'm pretty good with most weapons. Tired of roaming around alone, and getting shot while doing drugs runs. The server you are most active on?: Server 3 Previous Gangs, you were in?: None Most active time for you(weekdays, nights, weekends, etc.) Most nights, and weekends. I can usually get on if something is announced, and a cartel needs to be taken over.
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