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  1. @YuSheng "APD hands up or be downed, APD HANDS UP, (everyone else stops talking) APDAPBBDPBAPBD" wth ahaha
  2. You have done your server a great honor O7
  3. 2:02 Hmmmm I was reaallllllllyyyyy salty about that one not gonna lie
  4. How's that for an embedded image
  5. I actually have a couple of designs of my own that I feel go more outside of the cartel life: The Redzone Noob https://gyazo.com/2affd744a03cd2d32fc987246e46ad8a The Kavala Rat https://gyazo.com/5f163b79af6408129bd3b0d674453a63 The all time classic Comp or Ban https://gyazo.com/9c08359458e12274c855bbb47430ba45 And last but not least, my favorite, The APD Special https://gyazo.com/11313065823bcf9d5904992b50ade28d
  6. Wait... Did I just hear... My-cry?
  7. Kavala medics are an exception lmao. There's no fixing that
  8. Lmfao sounds like something you should do for the YouTube content "Arma 3 Asylum | Rags To Riches Ep 8 | Hired Medic"
  9. That was pre-respecting medics Sliced. Obviously, after reviewing this, I have determined that my immediate response was inappropriate and uncalled for, considering the circumstances that this medic had gone through for people like me. He knew that that was a location that many drivers tend to crash at recently, and was willing to spend his day waiting for people like me. Salutes to him 0>
  10. I think it's about time for change on Asylum. For years we have been sleeping on the real, most important, and game changing role of medic. Some people claim that medics are useless, however, I think that that is an utterly disrespectful opinion. These medics are out here risking their lives for both civi's AND the APD. Literally.
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