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  1. @YuSheng "APD hands up or be downed, APD HANDS UP, (everyone else stops talking) APDAPBBDPBAPBD" wth ahaha
  2. You have done your server a great honor O7
  3. 2:02 Hmmmm I was reaallllllllyyyyy salty about that one not gonna lie
  4. You're laugh makes me smile uncontrollably for some reason. 10/10
  5. How's that for an embedded image
  6. I actually have a couple of designs of my own that I feel go more outside of the cartel life: The Redzone Noob https://gyazo.com/2affd744a03cd2d32fc987246e46ad8a The Kavala Rat https://gyazo.com/5f163b79af6408129bd3b0d674453a63 The all time classic Comp or Ban https://gyazo.com/9c08359458e12274c855bbb47430ba45 And last but not least, my favorite, The APD Special https://gyazo.com/11313065823bcf9d5904992b50ade28d
  7. Wait... Did I just hear... My-cry?
  8. Kavala medics are an exception lmao. There's no fixing that
  9. Lmfao sounds like something you should do for the YouTube content "Arma 3 Asylum | Rags To Riches Ep 8 | Hired Medic"
  10. That was pre-respecting medics Sliced. Obviously, after reviewing this, I have determined that my immediate response was inappropriate and uncalled for, considering the circumstances that this medic had gone through for people like me. He knew that that was a location that many drivers tend to crash at recently, and was willing to spend his day waiting for people like me. Salutes to him 0>
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