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  1. farmersville best gang
  2. you play olympus for a few months an you already forgot the rules on this server lol. You've always been able to look through walls, ur a retard. as for the tage, you had like decent lethals on cop but the rest was singles on shitters so get multis next time
  3. I’m on modque but ur a retard
  4. interface size = very small you will improve massively
  5. decent for a career cop, i recommend a smaller crosshair size
  6. best player to touch the game
  7. thank god lmao shit needed to be changed jesus
  8. bump
  9. will the cap read as contested if your gang is null? If so I’m leaving my gang before foot pushing
  10. nice shots although its all against retards, also you look like you have fat fingers. nice one
  11. nice tage ill miss u brother <3
  12. william is a dirty cheater
  13. thank you cuties I just got back n it’s time to skeng
  14. thx for the hookup homie shit right there