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  1. not even a bug lol, just means they are in decimal Hp, AKA > .5% HP
  2. lol @tryhardsqueaker this guy is in your gang right?
  3. n1 chungo
  4. didn’t watch it but this kid ripped my head at drug yesterday then killed me when I was afk in the deerstand laying prone like a retard after being revived
  5. Heavy skenging n1 fam
  6. absolute monster
  7. monster
  8. i mean i did tell you to go off
  9. shitty clips but I can tell you have potential
  10. ins^ne
  11. some say I’m a monster
  12. you look like a thumb
  13. I was waiting for someone to see that
  14. you are bad!
  15. that shit slaps