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  1. Our experts have manufactured the most sophisticated camouflage in existence, which essentially acts as an invisibility cloak
  2. nutty as expected
  3. mk1 has actually 0 recoil so it's a lot of fun but cqc and long range mk18 rapes so I like to switch it up
  4. I have no shekels to spare
  5. you have a low IQ
  6. why do you have down sydrome
  7. thanks man I am happy that I am better than a top tier player such as corgi
  8. Is this a meme or do you actually believe that we ddos? We aren't stellar. Not one person in my gang has a booter to my knowledge, and I am sure no server admins have one.
  9. n1 goyners 6 dogs is fire
  10. o7 ily lets get this post back on track lmfao
  11. he already posted this stop kneepadding we get it you want to join temper
  12. ur insane
  13. got him
  14. ur so fucking nutty holy shit @Lorax @Fudger