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  1. ican never switch i can nevr be a hater
  2. pull up 2 LA
  3. not what it could have been, a few clips from the last bit of asylum.
  4. Miss u </3
  5. @swatguy17
  6. o7 big man
  7. “Shitty server” BUT U PLAY ASYLUM IN 2018 AHAHAHAH
  8. also add @Xehons AKA the temper wiper @Alec-I
  9. pilot josh was certainly a massive dribbler in his time
  10. Cya

    o7 bot
  11. bump
  12. buy this shit out and merge the communities. Transfer money at a reasonable rate to insure the merging of the community. ez
  13. yeah, the longer asylum takes to sell, the less money(if any) it will receive
  14. Yeah, many bad decisions made by the asylum staff along the way. Olympus could consider buying it and merging the remaining playerbase, but they might see it as an inevitable merger anyways that's not worth paying for. Either way eventually asylum will die.