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  1. Alright that's it I'm inviting him to infadogs
  2. Sorry im already personally inviting him to Tenacity
  3. holy shit you're fucking insane nice tage +1
  4. I’m in danger of needing to evacuate but so far they haven’t issued any evactustion orders so I’m just hoping the fires get contained
  5. because we need more rpg memes
  6. give me money for my lost houses plz thx man
  7. preach sister amen
  8. srry buddy @Lorax
  9. im crying the fuck is gonna happen w all my houses n gear n shit
  10. ur insane man
  11. yeah they did
  12. its done we got 3-1'd by Envy in the final
  13. i lied about my age but im still a cop what is ur point mister im actually 35
  14. do you also sell guild artwork?