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  1. @^Connor_K
  2. @Sean. /House
  3. Big T the type of guy to count all the fools in the photo and not realize that certain individuals are only worth 3/5ths @Cougar.
  4. unstoppable
  5. @Fudger @CRH @Steve @Oskarr looks like we will have to re assemble the boys @mur @RobiN_ @FoBi3s @Patorei(Jk not patorei)
  6. I can’t help it I’ve tried to stop
  7. Also tho o7 Mitch ur a funny ass hillbilly
  8. I mean, he did that to me lol
  9. It’s called a meme you irrelevant fuckhead you should understand sarcasm I will literally chop your dick off and shove it down your throat
  10. tell me I have bad aim again please
  11. You are incorrect, Big T, I would have had to release the montage before then add a few clips and delete the other post, then post it again and delete and add more clips. Also the fights would have had to be arranged rev and retry fights. Unfortunately, I also didn’t have enough cop clips. I suggest re examining your definition of the three step process, as I feel it would be beneficial to your understanding of the proper way to make a montage, the Jamal way.
  12. I started cheating last year cause I was insecure about this
  13. this was over a year ago I forget srry
  14. didn't record before destiny really
  15. never fear, as your fearless leader it is my duty to forever keep the guild alive