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  1. 1. What's your in-game name? Drex Allen 2. Why do you want to join Purge? I want to join an active gang again and I think Purge is a good choice. 3. Have you been in any other previous gangs? (If so which ones) Mongols, ICP, SGS, 4. Will anyone vouch for you? no 5. How active do you plan on being? 1-4 hours per day 6. Are you in the APD? (If so what rank) no 7. Have you had any previous bans on Asylum? None 8. How many hours do you have on Arma? 2k. 5.8 mil 9. How many of those hours are on Asylum? 1500
  2. Was cleaning up my hard drive and found where he sent me a selfie on my space a while back.
  3. pm or join within 24 hours https://discord.gg/ZtTjsg
  4. The gang leader was a straight genius. He had millions himself (Eminent). He would arrange excavation runs of like 10 hemmets and make them put some in gang bank. Always took a cut and was rich asf.
  5. It would change gameplay if the map was condensed as far all the zones and npcs
  6. I guess what I was trying to say was that it was very weird how sheep was lagging all over the place from the bad “server lag” while i heard the heli starting up. didn’t add up how you were able to get in the heli and fly while sheep was lagging everywhere. It just made me think that sheep was lag switching
  7. Yeah maybe you could have had the respect to not blow up my heli right after you wiped us. Which btw was kinda weird being that took place during the server lag. Usually it takes a while to get into a car or vehicle and do anything when the server is lagging haha
  8. It is ridiculous. but its crazy how it’s a fair fight... and then all of a sudden server starts lagging and they wipe us with out any fucking gun sounds and the they are glitching all over the place. Then they proceed to talk shit about it. The server started lagging as soon as sheep was killed. it hadn’t been lagging what so ever until he died. it’s just suspicious that’s all i’m saying. Maybe the weird shit will stop happening now that i have let them make a joke out of it.
  9. I just wanna know how you and sheep had such an advantage during the “random lag” that occurred right after sheep died during a 2 v 2. Shortly after you and sheep started glitching all over the place and killed us without a single gunshot sound or an actually position that would make logical sense to hit us.
  10. I know i’m shit. I had “the perfect” shot on sheep and missed.
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