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Cya (maybe)

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Did something I should have done a long time ago:

https://i.gyazo.com/ca7270ca44a6665bb982c5465eae2110.png (doesn't show idk, its a picture of uninstalled arma 3)

With school starting, and me somehow managing to get a junior developer side job at microsoft in the netherlands I will have less time to play games.

I also found out that games just don't really do it for me anymore, I like the technology, but it's just getting boring.

I might still play once in a while, but it for sure won't be as much as it is.


@Space better roleplay while being a mute

@Drunk Squad : Liked you better when you didn't RPG all me shit, but jokes aside you guys are fun.

I am not gonna @ anymore but yaknow if i knew you/liked you.


@BaDaBiNg_10-8 i guess you won the "joust"









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