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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/stevieballbags
  2. Wait till you see his memehau montage
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/stevieballbags
  4. Lethal payout was dog shit anyways
  5. Rake really likes Mordhau https://www.twitch.tv/videos/735825297
  6. Then I definitely win.
  7. it doesn't happen as easily for rooks
  8. I would appreciate it if it was reduced to about half of what it is now, maybe 2/3's.
  9. New bank is pretty damn fun gotta say.
  10. It was also instituted when we had multiple servers (I think) and there would be like 15 cops on 1 server with 20 civs. I'm quite surprised 15 cops were willing to play such an empty server but I think it should be removed at this point.
  11. Both sides have a fair point. If it got fixed it couldn't happen, and if people didn't exploit they wouldn't get banned. I do understand both arguments and while this is likely something that is indeed very fixable, it would be unwise to abuse an exploit and not expect to get banned. Understand that some of these answers on that post are likely outdated. However if you are unsure at all about doing something that you may get banned for there is a great spot to ask about it. We in particularly expect veteran players to understand the rules and what is considered exploiting and what is not. That does not mean there is no grey area involved, however we do our best to insure that people don't get banned when they shouldn't.
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