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  1. We should try wrapping something around our heads and see how long it takes.
  2. I have had a number of friends and gang members that at some point in time got banned for cheating, by staff or a global ban. It seems to be a really aids viscous cycle. > People get hyped about playing here/arma in general for whatever the reason may be > A new cheat comes out or an old one comes out with a version that is at the time undetected and people start to buy it > People begin to grow sick of the game to the point where they don't care anymore about not getting banned > a disappointingly high number of people buy the cheat, use it for some time and then get banned. > They either move on with life or consistently try to get unbanned. Where it really hits home for me is that some of these people were my friends and it feels like a slap in the face when they closet cheat right in front of you, especially when I was staff. Call it cringe if you want, I don't care the point I'm trying to make here is the cycle needs to find an end. If some day some sort of probationary period like Nomadox said was instituted, It would have to be highly micro managed by staff, where only a handful of people are given that probationary period at a time so that it doesn't become overwhelming to them. I don't know how it could be reasonably done but that is besides the point. The other alternative would be to aggressively ban cheaters and keep them banned. That being said, it would also be in there interests to try to insure that the gang leaders are held accountable for preventing ban evaders from playing with them. While I was staff, I was at more then one point a gang leader as well and over the course of maybe a year or so there were somewhere between 4-6 people(it's a guess I don't have the real number) that cheated and got banned while they were in my gang. It is is an embarrassing feeling to have it right under your nose. I can tell you @Sheriff Rick that it would surprise you how often a good player can be mistaken for a cheater, and obviously the other way around. When I was staff it was almost at the point where it was hard to tell the real difference between a really good player and someone who is cheating. Now that is even more so the case. This is even more so true if they make a real attempt to be subtle about it. To take it another step further, when a good player does decide to buy cheats it makes it even harder to tell the difference because they have their game knowledge with the cheats as an addition. Edit: As a side note I must add that this time 2 years ago or so people were complaining quite a bit about how money making was too hard and/or time consuming. Remember that.
  3. Bounty hunting is definitely not more difficult then it has ever been. Bounty hunters used to be stuck with po7s only.
  4. A better solution would be something new to spend your money on. The casino is definitely a step in the right direction. I don't really play much right now but the trend with Asylum has always been, if it isn't profitable or really fun it wont be used. Cartels and Federal events are the prime example of this, they are fun and if you win obviously profitable. I don't have a concrete solution to this, however if there is something that you have to spend a lot of money on it will give the people with 20+ mil a reason to spend their money other then loadouts and vehicles. What made Arma fun for me was more or less having people to play with any time I logged in. They were always doing something fun so there was always action to be had. The lottery is another good example of an effective money sink that can pay off at some point in time if you put your money into a high lottery pot.
  5. I don't know how many people are gonna agree with you dude, but if any significant amount do it is more now then ever before true that you can not make this community happy lmao
  6. A global ban is a global ban is a global ban. I have 1 or 2 friends that are global banned that I would like to play with again, but it's a slippery slope. If you get a GB, and don't get it reversed by battle eye, you are shit out of luck.
  7. I'll headbutt you, your forehead is smaller then mine.
  8. Why not keep both so you can still have faks for drug runs and such and it wont take away from what you can hold?
  9. Someone post a video of dillon laughing
  10. Agreed sir chinchester noble vassal of the reqdogs. What an absolute skengin dengin legend this man was.
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