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  1. If my gang didn't at least try to vest me when I have a huge bounty I'd be mad as fuck lmao
  2. I know many of you guys are upset about getting lethaled and no longer getting a pardon for it. I hear what you are saying, for basically the entirety of Asylums existence it has been the way it was. The upside that I see to it is that you will have a lot more stupid high bounties. I miss seeing people in gangs with 300k+ bounties on a daily basis. However what is hard to predict is the change this will have with the amount of cops using lethals. On one end you could argue that you will see a decrease in the lethals because they no longer get paid for it. On the other end its possible that you could see a massive increase in the use of lethals because the cops know that they can get another shot at that 900k bounty later on. I believe it will strongly depend on the higherup running the show at the time. I would hope that with this change that lethals are taken in a much more serious manner.
  3. I didn't like the Jets in strife. I think that any of the heavily armoured and/or armed vehicles severely needed a price increase.
  4. You can literally zero it and hit the target 90 percent of the time if you adjust for range and any elevation properly. It would be no different from shooting someone in civ restraints at that distance with a 7.62. Before anything RPG related changed, I deadass went into the editor and played around with the RPGs so I could hit any shot I wanted to within 600m. It took me about 2-3 hours of casually dicking around before I learned how fast they drop after 600m and everything related to RPGs. Mind you this was before I was an admin, and I regret to say I made gangs rage quit just because I was rich. RPGs are very very rarely a reflection of a players skill, and they have decimating effects on a gun fight. Everything else explosive in this server has to be used a certain way. Suicide vests have a limited range and they kill you. Grenades are dog shit and also have a limited range. I can't tell you how many times I stood on top of a grenade and took less then 20 damage. Speed bombs also kill you if you use them on your own car in an offensive manner as well. They don't seem to have the explosive power that a suicide vest has. TLDR; Fuck the people who wanna win with a point and click explosive weapon. It doesn't involve skill unless you are hitting a shot on a moving target from a decent distance. Even then a good player can hit that shot with a 7.62.
  5. Someone literally posted a video of them using it 500m away bro. I've personally seen people kill everyone on top of a bank roof with 1 rpg from east hill. That is pure aids.
  6. I think you could stop a mini gun qilin or a 50 much more easily because for them to do anything they have to be basically completely exposed for 5-10 seconds minimum. You can borderline quick peak with an RPG.
  7. They offer too much utility to be able to be purchased in my opinion. By the same logic of adding in the RPG to the weapon shop, we could add in the Zaphir to the weapon shop. Would that be a good idea?
  8. get gud and spam the evidence lockups
  9. Part of the reason that cartels used to make so much more is because years ago people would run meth all the time and you would see an absolute fucking army at meth lab on occasion comprised of a gang holding down meth while a bunch of regular players process their shit. So in other words, you could try to do that and see where it goes. I've been in gangs that did that at times for a few weeks and we made stupid amounts of money into the gang bank. The hardest part was actually getting a new player or a group of new players to trust you enough to not fuck over their meth run.
  10. @P.FitzWallace That is the unfortunate truth.
  11. that was Skrood
  12. adminergy btw
  13. Hey thanks gamer
  14. You just troll the forums now don't you
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