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  1. Rodrigo is currently considering lowering his FOV.
  2. God damn bar tards are plaguing the internet.
  3. Steve


    Honestly a necessity, that meme has been used so many times in Asylum memes.
  4. Mitch with the half a can of dip in his mouth. You are a great role player.
  5. Man I miss when you could ram armor and not blow up
  6. Steve

    Do you even lift?

    Those are well within achievable numbers. in 2015 I hit my best for the big three all within the same 2 months. I benched 260, squatted 445 twice, and dead lifted 505.
  7. Denied Accepted I'll make sure someone gets you the discord
  8. if someone gets banned for vdm 8 times do you really think they will behave upon their ban expiring? History has proved otherwise. Stupid people win stupid prizes.
  9. If it went down the way you say it did, he joined the group through legit means. In other words your group leader made the bad call on letting him in the group, blame him.
  10. Good question, as long as the password was not obtained through a stream or something of that nature like Norwegian said, I would personally not ban for it. By that same token the only thing that really has been stated time and time again is that, it's technically within the rules to join an unlocked group, then proceed to show up and kill everyone.
  11. I'm coming to his funeral when he finally croaks tbh
  12. I played WoW from a month after vanilla came out till about halfway through cata on the daily. I was 8 when I started playing so my opinion might be slightly skewed because I had no idea what the fuck was going on in the first run of classic wow for a little under a year but regardless it was one of the best experiences I ever had in gaming. It's pretty hardcore in nature, and kinda grindy. For all of those people who haven't played wow before, the content doesn' really start until max level, which in classic WoW is 60. If you are gonna play classic WoW and have any intention of Raiding, clear out your fucking schedule because you are gonna have no life.
  13. Idc what Batcan says, he is inferior.
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