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  1. The unfortunate reality is that Altis is realistically the best map for a life server in Arma 3. It's huge and has a lot of variety in terms of the landscape. This is less of my opinion and more of a fact. Altis has so many well designed and positioned towns as well as areas for drug fields and such. It fits perfectly into the wheel of balance that spins for a thriving life server. This is what makes it easy for Altis life servers to grow. The other part is that any time we had an alternative map within our server selection it was always a place people almost exclusively went to make money. People are absolutely right when they say that the other map loses its population and hype with in a week to a months time. I personally wish that wasn't the case, because I legitimately enjoyed playing Stratis way back when, and playing on Malden when Strife was a thing.
  2. Took out the trash, apply today boys.
  3. I hope you guys had fun. It's not meant to be a super serious thing, its just meant to get gangs to have large fights.
  4. https://gyazo.com/c5eca8906470c604caae9058a6dbd6d1 https://gyazo.com/39ab71004fdc23b336ecab0d6f1110e3 https://gyazo.com/f41e026f3eac39c592e6a143ddcfc530 i cant drag the picture over anymore what is this horse shit
  5. I'd like to add that I would personally love to see the return of a second server as well, provided it would last. I'm sure it's quite the mind boggling decision to make. On one end, it's hard to say exactly how many new players we are potentially missing out on because the server is so regularly full. The housing market would also be in a much more ideal state. On the other hand setting up a second server is from what I understand is a bit of a pain in the ass to say the least. Then when you take into consideration that both servers could go from being very full to less then half population in the span of a week due to school resuming, it makes the decision a lot harder. What Mitch is trying to preserve is a populated server. I do see both sides of the argument here. In my time on Asylum I would often say that what previous ownership would do with balancing changes and general decision making was pretty black and white with whether or not it was good or bad. However, with this particular decision it's not black and white at all. The other thought I have had was "if we aren't growing we are dying." Perhaps for some reason Asylum would be unique to the rest of the altis life/Arma 3 community and if we did open up another server, both would for some spontaneous reason gain population and we would be 100 out of 100 on both servers all day every day. That is quite the gamble to take because you are effectively going against the numbers and statistics that says the population will drop and raise in a cyclic manner. I genuinely don't know what the right decision is, but I do think that having one server does potentially less damage in the long run then opening a second server and closing it again later on.
  6. Unfortunately more player slots isn't really an option either because the server starts to experience performance issues anything beyond where we are now.
  7. can you stream yourself playing? last time was fun and im bored as fuck. 4head!

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      @Steve start streaming and i may give you as many bits as i have @Buck

      legend has it he is still getting paid for that from 1+ year ago

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