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  1. I would imagine you either want bounty hunting to be removed or you want it to be against the rules to camp Theresa.
  2. I think the rules are pretty much fine where they are. Most of the community would agree with that. I would also like to add that you are complaining about something that makes up (I would say) 1/5 of the game at the most when for there to be a rule change regarding it, it could negatively impact the entire game. You are in a very niche clique of people with similar game play styles. And while we are at it, lets not pretend like you haven't been toxic.
  3. I want to apply so I can make you rage in Memehau
  4. If Asylum didn't have a fairly relaxed set of rules like it does, I personally would have left the community a long time ago as would others. It isn't meant to be a daycare. People are legitimately attracted to the play style that can entail. There is little need to worry about breaking a rule when playing, unlike other life servers you will find things are very strict and some rules just plainly restrict fun because people get butt hurt. Take matters into your own hands.
  5. Asylum has always had lax rules bro, where have you been?
  6. You might say that my opinion is swayed because I am an Admin. You haven't yet, I am simply anticipating that. However I had these opinions long before I was ever considered for being staff. I learned to deal with it, why can't you? I kicked at least a handful of people from the gangs I've lead for spawning in donor when I deliberately told them not to and then they got arrested. I don't even personally like bounty hunting, nor do I typically roll with people who are bounty hunting. Even then I would still want bounty hunting to (for the most part) remain as is. Now, pertaining to the ability for you to return to the fight fast enough. If you are fighting a gang, that wants the cap and wants to fight you they will stay there. If they just want the cap then they will leave. Here is what I would do. Your gang is gang A and they are B. A attacks B > B wipes A > A doesn't get back to the fight in time so B leaves. Go take another cartel or expect them to take another one of yours. Alternatively go hunt them down for bitching out on the second fight. I think part of what this comes down too, is that I find some fun in all of that and maybe you don't. Something worth considering, what if all 6 rebels ended up being camped by bounty hunters? Does the problem then become bounty hunters camping rebel? Or is the problem then just bounty hunters? I personally believe it is crucial to take situations into your own hands as well, I got satisfaction out of saving my friends from the odd bounty hunter camping a rebel. Remember now, most of the time I would agree with you just based on the principle that we likely many of the same opinions regarding rebel life. So when I essentially "say just deal with it," that is because I was able to deal with it, and I taught my gang(s) how to deal with it, I hope you can open your mind up to new possibilities and ways you can deal with it. I recognize that you don't have fun in getting arrested, but that bounty hunter does get a lot of fun in arresting you. As much as a scumbag as he is and I would kill him every chance I get, how can you justify taking his fun away?
  7. Lets take a step back my guy. I'm a career rebel, always have been and always will be. That being said with 80 percent of the issues that have/will arise I will more then likely be on the same side as you in regards to my opinion on a given issue. However, this is not a even an issue within the game. This is an issue within the mentality of the players. If you are a fighting cartels, don't spawn donor. In every single gang that I had a leadership position in, I discouraged the gang not to go to donor for obvious reasons. The point I'm trying to get across here is that you can avoid the problem of players camping donor if you simply don't spawn in donor. Yes, this will take you 5-7 minutes longer to get back to the fight(I have timed it on more then one occasion) based on your gang house location and what rebel you go to, but by that same token you don't run nearly the same amount of risk running into a bounty hunter or cops. So instead of basically being impatient as fuck about getting back to the fight within 10 minutes you could take the extra step to be careful, and in turn not get your whole gang arrested. @Nomadox @Fudger I've played quite a bit with these 2 kats. We didn't always agree on everything but I'm sure if that they agree with me that 95 percent of the time "I said don't spawn donor", it had a damn good reason behind it. I guarantee you with absolute certainty that if you get a good gang house at a different rebel you will have a much more stress free experience in game. That being said, I speak solely from my own experience and nothing else. In addition, this whole "bounty hunters shouldn't camp donor" ordeal (which is really what this comes down too lets be honest) is an ideology that seems to exclusively be followed by people who log on to fight cartels and log off. For that reason and that reason alone, you make up a small population within the community that likely has a low play time compared to the rest of the community. Don't get me wrong here, I love fighting cartels and I have since I first started fighting back in 2014/2015. I want this community to keep growing as it has been in the past few weeks and even the past few months. Catering to your desires in this thread is not the right move. Edit: Get a new gang house and play enough for it not to get removed. I think that is pretty straight forward. TLDR: I don't write TLDR's for people who can't take less then a minute to read through 3 short paragraphs.
  8. For the love of god just get a gang house. There is also 6 rebel outposts now. So before you complain about that, you really can't. Even with a full server of 120/120 it should not be a problem. If you are too poor to get a gang house, that is also on you and no one else. This hand holding asked for from the newer breed of rebels is so cringe. When fighting cartels, you should assume that people are gonna camp donor for your gang members bounties, and if you don't well then tough shit. I know it in my bones with out even checking what house your gang owns that you guys couldn't be bothered with investing the time or the money to find a decent gang house and for that reason you suffer the consequences of getting bounty hunted in donor like every other person who whines and complains about it. If you put shit in, you get shit out. Is it ratty for them to do that? Yes, but it's part of the game.
  9. I have wanted something like this for quite some time. If it is possible, I don't know just how in depth it would be. It would be convenient to see which one of your gang members is trying to scheme a paycheck.
  10. This is a myth. Going with higher weight and lower volume does not mean that you will build muscle faster. Bulking has a direct correlation to caloric surplus. Getting lean has a direct correlation to caloric deficit. I may still be a fat fuck, but I did have decent PR's for the big three, a 505 lb dead lift, 445lb squat for 2 reps, and a 260 lb bench press. Take it as you will. More reasoning on what I said before below. There is two ways your body can quite effectively build muscle. The first and more commonly used by people is tearing down the muscle with medium to low amounts of repetitions and using a weight that is heavy (relative to your maximum.) Whichever one works for you the best is partially based on genetics. I spent a good while looking for the peer reviewed science that I read on it years ago, however I can't find it. I'm sure if you look hard enough you will. It's also worth noting that this method has been proven to be better for people who are natural. The second way that you can do it is using the pump, which is with higher repetitions and lower weight(once again relative to your one rep max.) However, this method has been proven to be more often better for people who are using some form or steroid. The reason being is that many steroids increase your blood flow, and the pump relies a lot on blood flow for it to be an effective way to build muscle. Edit: The biggest reason I didn't lose that much weight when I was super into lifting weights was that I never really cared to go down to a caloric deficit, and never bothered with doing much cardio at all. Either way good shit marzoh.
  11. Steve

    Farewell All

    Thanks for all the help, you really made a massive difference in pulling the community out of a huge mess of lag.
  12. Cartels are extremely profitable. The amount of money you made in 2014/2015 off the drug cartel tax was signicicantly lower because the amount of money you get for selling meth was lower. And in that time there were gangs making 3-5mil a week off the gang bank.(30-50 mil back then because it was before 6.0) Essentially if you want to make more money from cartels get some minions to run drugs for you under your protection. I have personally done it countless times with the gangs I've been in over the years and it works really well.
  13. I understand that we had a little bit of regression in progress regarding new content/old content being re-added interfering with performance. However, in my opinion that regression of progress will hopefully allow our Dev team to find exactly what caused that issue in the first place. In turn, it is far more likely that the same mistake won't be made again. This is the biggest thing, when we had our old developers pre-ownership change, there was effectively no chance of us getting to see good performance because they didn't/couldn't invest the time in figuring out where those issues were hiding. So in the long run it might be better that this mistake was made so that the chances of the mistake being repeated are far lower.
  14. You would be there. Great patch bois
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