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  1. Someone post a video of dillon laughing
  2. Agreed sir chinchester noble vassal of the reqdogs. What an absolute skengin dengin legend this man was.
  3. Looked like it could be pretty fun when I was in the testing server.
  4. thank you, @Mitch (IFRIT)kys
  5. What initially got my attention a long time ago was seeing they had 5 full servers but I stayed because I loved how much freedom the players have always had in the way they can play. So many life servers out there have all these ridiculous rules that you have to follow and it really trims down your options on what you can do and when you can do it. I haven't actually been in game that much recently but what has always kept me here was mostly the friends I have and the way staff handles things, even before I was staff I felt like one of our key attractions is having grounded admins, something t
  6. The reason I suggested those limitations is there realistically needs to be some restrictions for the police in the use of this vehicle. If there isn't a handful of boxes to check before using it, it will almost certainly be used too frequently. This should rarely be a vehicle that is pulled if it ever gets put in. Why? Because for over half a decade police got by without it when they have good leadership around.
  7. As Jay said it could use more practical testing on the live server with gangs organically doing the federal events with the cops using this. However I recommend some restrictions in place if it is implemented to limit how easily the police can use this. These limits should be followed and considered black and white to prevent bullshit problems that would otherwise come with this change. These are just ideas and I would like to hear other peoples thoughts on the matter. There should be a certain amount of rebels doing each event this is pulled for. I.e 10 rebels at the fed, 6 at the bank
  8. As much as I loved my time playing pre 6.0 which was only about 6-7 months, (I think) there would be a lack of legit content that wouldn't be in place. As two simple examples, the bank and the evidence lock up would be gone. In addition, making money would quite literally be monumentally more time consuming. If I remember correctly pre 6.0 a hemmt gave you 120k?(1.2 mil back then.) The fed payout was also far less. Now certainly that doesn't mean that balancing changes would be inherently entirely reverted as well however there would be less to do. Might I remind you how much a large number of
  9. Steve

    COVID Baby

    I'm quite far from the right or the left in my political beliefs, but yeah true dog. I'm aware people are dying of this at higher rates in other countries, most of which have subpar medical care standards and the living situation is vastly different. In Italy specifically from what I understand most of the country is somewhere between 25-40 years behind in development. It's as if they are in a modern soviet union with the standard of living there. I'm sure that their standard for medical care is on a similar level as well. There are many parts in Italy that apparently don't even have mode
  10. Ragemans weird ass horker from skyrim laugh will live on forever.
  11. BS you drive a ford and you know it.
  12. I've been in favor of a compromise between the two. What if you had to process scotch twice but it would work like meth, meaning you process it once and then process it immediately again afterwards. The other idea I had was increasing the time it takes to process it. I remember before I was an admin I tested how long it took to process 30 scotch and I think it was exactly 1 minute and 30 seconds. I think that is the main problem, that is why you rarely see people at the distillery. The other reason this is a problem is gathering for scotch takes basically no time at all compared to meth, and w
  13. I think the solution in most instances with cop numbers is seeing higher ups in game. It's well known that if a LT+ is on the odds of there inherently being more cops online is greater. I'm not taking a shot at your activity(honest). However, higher up activity is something that Asylum has had a problem with for most of it's existence from what I have seen.
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