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  1. I've been in favor of a compromise between the two. What if you had to process scotch twice but it would work like meth, meaning you process it once and then process it immediately again afterwards. The other idea I had was increasing the time it takes to process it. I remember before I was an admin I tested how long it took to process 30 scotch and I think it was exactly 1 minute and 30 seconds. I think that is the main problem, that is why you rarely see people at the distillery. The other reason this is a problem is gathering for scotch takes basically no time at all compared to meth, and w
  2. Steve


    where is the birdwatcher meme
  3. I think the solution in most instances with cop numbers is seeing higher ups in game. It's well known that if a LT+ is on the odds of there inherently being more cops online is greater. I'm not taking a shot at your activity(honest). However, higher up activity is something that Asylum has had a problem with for most of it's existence from what I have seen.
  4. It was quite early on, however I didn't play with any cartel focused gang at all until late 2015ish. I realize that the game has changed since then. I am simply not a fan of making something like this and then treating it like a server event that should be uninterrupted. I do see the skill gap of course, and I have discussed that with other people on the forums quite a bit in the last few years. At the rate I also think that the skill gap is partially what pushes so many people away, but because of a specific reason, that being that the newer to moderately experienced player has a very small c
  5. What exactly would be considered disrupting it? I feel like what people want out of conquest is to log on for the game for 2-3 hours, have uninterrupted cartel fights/fights with other gangs and log off. If that is what you want why not just make or play on an attack and defend server? The main reason I am against the group cap in any fashion is that it has been proven on Asylum that it is not good for gang life. Why? Because when it was introduced it caused the handful of large gangs to split up because it wouldn't make sense to keep all the people they hand in their gang. Initially it did ac
  6. You know I'm not gonna lie I thought this was a joke at first but since it isn't why the hell would that be a good or even necessary idea? Do you realize that cops on Asylum have had to deal with 2-3x the torture that they have to deal with now this time 5 years ago?
  7. its likely gonna be on the same server we play on if it every becomes a thing so how would that actually work?
  8. Put guns in your gang house and game on the bounty hunters. Recruit more bots or lose. What you are suggesting is babying people.
  9. For house cap drug? that sounds like a dope idea. Replacing east arms would still be a good idea too imo
  10. Great idea but imo there needs to be a way to get onto the main center piece of the cap other then an orca.
  11. People treat it like an esport.
  12. Cartels aren't esports.
  13. Run it, I wanna see who can get the biggest zerg
  14. From what I understand there is 3 caps that gangs fight over for like 2-3 hours. When the it's over the top 3 gangs all get a certain amount of money. However, a lot of these other servers that have "conquest" or something like it are trying to baby their cartel players by not allowing bounty hunters to camp rebels or warzone and what not. The other thing, is that I don't know if we would have a second server for it which would inherently mean a lot of people wouldn't be able to get into the server when it happens. This would almost certainly result in a lot of backlash. From what I have seen
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