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  1. You claimed to be black for years, was that proven to be false?
  2. Brotherhood/Regiment, Envy, and Innovative!
  3. Your moms on life support after I beat them guts up last night, probably not gonna make it. Guess that means you have to move out of the basement and start supporting yourself, which means blow jobs on old men in the alley behind your local gas station.
  4. I might come back soon. Life’s too short to spend it glued to a computer screen. For the record @Mason is a good guy/admin, I was only giving him shit. I’m sure he will make a great CM. Congrats Mason.
  5. There goes the neighborhood. Who’s making these decisions. Mason as a CM ?
  6. The only reason to change a gang name after the leader is banned is to reintegrate said banned leader under a new alias/account to avoid admin suspicion. Oldest trick in the book.
  7. You’re just saying “fax?” You’re even stupider than I originally thought. I use to have respect for Bamboo Union (when they weren’t hiding ban evaders) until they let you and Foxx in their ranks. Proceed to follow my previous instructions! You first Soyboy!
  8. We all know you’re mad that’s why you made that comment snowflake. Jump off a bridge.
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