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  1. the clothes look like they gave kids a spray painter and a couple of scizzors
  2. Sounds to me like ur not getting booted but you're the 1 with the big mac internet
  3. Can't suicide vest from a tower towards an ifrit and RPGs don't blow themselves up
  4. When is the next skribbl session. Gotta prove I am the superior artist.
  5. Yo where can i sign up for these paychecks.
  6. Too fast for police isn't really true. When I redeployed the other day I was in there in position before power was even offline. I don't think the hacking power should be the fighting place cause rebels will just get dicked in that position. I agree the route to rebel is aids compared to cop spawn, but on the other end this stimulates cops to come in waves and think for once. I've only been playing cop again a couple days and if evidence locker is approached cleverly and communicated it's not to bad. I think this is way of fighting is way more interesting then a bank. I agree with lowest event thing it should be : fed - bank - evidence - prison The timer I don't care about but here is what should be fixed : fix it so u can't start evidence and then a bank right after eachother. Right now if u start the evidence u can still start banks leading to a free evidence lockup. federal reserve : nobody does them (seriously). I don't even bother respawning / softlogging because it's a smash and grab. create rules regarding the paddy wagons and other vehicles relating entry towards the federal reserve (@apd captains). for instance using the paddy wagon to acces the sandbag wall leads to instant removal of certain rank. Give them 1 ladder like the older times. Just make it spawn on the highest ranking officer on or something. This could just be me but I would love to hear when the latest serious federal reserve was. Can we see statistics on what succes is exactly. I am curious where this rate is gotten from. If u mean they succeed when u start an evidence and then some1 starts a bank because it wasn't made well then yes I can see how the success rate is high. Right now I see evidence as a fair fight. And I am saying this from a cop perspective
  7. Still gonna have to -1 it. Disabling is a lot better then straight up blowing it up Don't wanna see some mong with 80 k blowup 5 people for no effort
  8. @RoguePilot if you could not censor our thread and change dislike to like (we assume it's you who has changed it). Ur just creating more reasons to be disliked
  9. u tried to get a gang together. We got a group of buddies together. I know what i wanna be part of
  10. if u want easy acces love queen songs. Space will let you in
  11. Yeah map knowledge is a bit of a learning curve. But when you get the hang of the maps its pretty good to do. Easier to learn the maps then R6. 1 major issue i found with EFT (ive had the game since alpha stage and played a couple wipes hardcore some wipes havent played) is that the quests u need to do every time again and again. They are fun the first time but i find them boring now. Even with the new questline added this wipe.
  12. I wonder why potato thought this guy wouldn't do shit like this just because they did a bank. Liked the : i am extremely disappointed in you tho. Nice emotional touch from potato
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