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  1. dutch classic played at all Dutch House parties Translation, big tits potato salad
  2. Why the fuck did u think it was a good idea to make an American playlist. Americans have no taste in music Edit, if u got house people in there just throw some Swedish house Mafia in there. It will prob work.
  3. Looks 2 bad for pulldowns, think he just overcompensates
  4. wollie35

    the time is now

    Wonder what the extreme feminists would say about this. But but that's not fair, cleavage is our way of making money
  5. DO YOU OWN A MUSTANG!!! AND A COUCH. I don't exactly remember the couch part but I swear he said something about a couch and a 43 inch tv
  6. Yeah seen a lot of pistol bangers but with my ping and slow reactions I wouldn't even have been able to turn around
  7. Idk maybe I have too much hope, but I just can't imagine this being a fun troll. I can understand twitch trolling and in game cause u get a live voice reaction. But yet again maybe too much hope for scriptkiddies
  8. Even tho I don't believe that all the times that asylum has claimed to be DOS attacked they actually have been. I can't imagine some kiddo consistently wanting to press a script button to commit a crime. I don't think it would stay interesting
  9. fucking rodrigo damn, wasn't even from 1 kilometer out
  10. I mean yeah if they are gonna treat m like this then might aswell remove m, means less traffic towards asylum, and we all know asylum can't handle those packages too well.
  11. again a free to play game isnt a service. The developing of it is. I understand u have problems reading, but i agree on the not wasting time anymore. Main point: If u don't pay for something, don't expecting something.
  12. neither of those owe you anything, if i develop a free server i don't owe u anything, if i develop a free game i don't owe u anything. The point is, if you don't pay for a service, u don't have the rights to anything whatsoever. Where did i say developing a game isnt a service?
  13. u quoted me where i said if anyone could show me a service that people recieve without paying for it. U said free to play game, that aint a service. Just correcting ur correction, that's it
  14. Yeah it's not my state to give any numbers, this is just a simple way of calculating a dynamic blood money number. Every person and software engineer can figure this out. Just a simple formula
  15. In that case it's a simple change Xamount / member count / Y Y being Current player count / max players * 100 So with 11 people on and 2 members ( and a random number of 500 k blood money) 500000 / 2 /11 / 110 * 100= 20.6k
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