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  1. I've been logging on an hour here and there in the last week. The only thing I see is bamboo union afk capping cartels, a shit load of BLS and miller, Adam and their group. Nobody is scared of going to jail. But I haven't come across a single cop in the last week
  2. Had shit frames in Athira only (like 20-25). But we were blowing up everything and shooting everything that was there with shotguns so can't really blame asylum on that 1
  3. Even tho I was slightly drunk when making this post originally I think that's what I ment b I'm fucked. Shotgun casually 1 hit fully geared rebel over 150 meters ( shot myself) Of course TeamSpeak works fine cause the only thing that's in there are cops for S1 Forums are dead idd V2 is not amazing. Cop system seems fucked there is no BH and let's be real there is nothing new? If the server doesn't crash is the biggest part of V2 something went wrong. And don't know where the last point came from Chip but your a special snowflake Muppet and should not steal my insults.<3
  4. shotguns are fucked teamspeak is fucked servers are fucked forums are fucked v2 is fucked asylum is fucked i am fucked change my mind
  5. I gotchu (just opened a random activity page on ur profile, this was the first 1 saw)
  6. Stop commenting on every post

  7. U got a source for this statement? Cause I don't actually believe that
  8. When BH gets released so many kids gonna cry about it again. Hearing them cry in voice chat was always very satisfying
  9. i know it was easy, just didn't really care for them. Don't know if other people did tho.
  10. Tbh the lights never really mattered. I know you liked m but for me at least they were useless. Never used the menu
  11. nah don't watch it anymore, why did the stream work this time?
  12. It seems fights isn't the only thing goyney can carry
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