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  1. One of the few good players with good music and is not a mongloid I feel like from memory. Good shit
  2. they were giving away free beer due to the expiration date. Best virus ever
  3. already like it just because of the music.
  4. problem with this is, now u probably got and i doubt we can get rid of you.
  5. give up on the game, even high elo players are retarded this was the point when i stopped playing ranked
  6. Werent u banned for cheating? Also this dude gets a song from a kid singing about gay shit and it's still a better song then whatever rap u use.
  7. try rendering and recording it in that, then it might actually work
  8. Retards accusing people of cheats. Others being more retarded by wanting to defend themself. Just ignore the mongs.
  9. did not know this genre of music could be even more shit. But laters.
  10. the only server that would be interesting to open is strife. But for the rest no, its a great way to split pop in half and get people to leave again
  11. fucking mason making better skins in a couple days then asylum has seen in a couple years
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