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  1. Most admins have a retarded view of "making them die". If you roll an ifrit with a hatchback and the occupants jump out and get sprayed down they will ban you because you put them in a situation that made them die.

    THANK YOU for V2

    Have to agree. Had a blast playing yesterday with @Marzoh fighting with shot guns without having to worry about someone buying a sting and ending the fun.
  3. If houses are shared between all servers you Could bring everyone down to 3 houses and increase the storage capacity of each house. And make 40k’s/broken garages have a decent amount of storage space to add more viable property.
  4. You must be insane dude. Just me personally but the sight of someone roleplay walking around kavala with a tan mx and a carryall backpack scares me all the way back to my safespace (arms island). BH's cant catch me because thats where all the AHK using ban evaders are.
  5. The only reason cops let you carry legal 5.56 and 6.5 is because you are supposed to go after bountys. Shouldn't be a problem for actual bounty hunters and will only be a deterrent to spending an entire day kidnapping people. BH should be removed entirely I'm just suggesting something that might negate the negative impact they have on the server.
  6. I would add that you should lose a significant amount of honor (20kish) if you are ever sent to jail with a BH licence.
  7. Bump need some NA people. PM apps if you don’t want to post publicly
  8. Cant ADS with the sawed off so you can only use it close up. Id make it legal and keep it in gun store. Increase the price of the long barrel make it illegal at rebel only.
  9. Try it out is a nice way of saying we will ignore the community feedback for the next few months until people stop asking for it to be removed.
  10. Prison doesnt need a second bridge. But all the cops complain when they cant suicide hatch slam. Trainings could have gone a long way to show people that you can 1.) Pull a boat and go to the island 2.) Buy a wetsuit and swim the 200 meters of water 3.) Use a hummingbird to land at the back of the island 4.) Have higherups actually pull armor (Crazy idea right) Instead a second bridge is added. And with HQ not even 1km away it means the cops can continue to slam endlessly until they win.

    V2 feedback

    Could argue that the average player who directly benefits from buffs to money making would be rather bias in balancing the server. That said It would be nice to see the stats that lead to development changes of certain money making methods.

    V2 feedback

    V.2 was working fine for most of us. I figure pushing it out and having hot fixes every few days would be better than nothing.
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