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  1. Can we get a dedicated admin to spectate or are we just waiting on global bans
  2. Crushing it out there bro keep it up!!
  3. worst player in your gang and your ego is through the roof hahahhahahah
  4. Pay $50 to add a skin to the clothing store that everyone has access to and as long as your gang stays active the skin stays in the store. Consider the relatively "cheap" price as incentive to create a gang and main your server to get personalized gear they cant get on another server.
  5. Realistically, dropping the prize pool will keep gangs with no shot at #1 from playing as frequently. And the gangs that would historically win these events are generally not abusing expensive shit like RPG's and speed bombs on the life server. Let em eat
  6. Crazy how people fighting cartels learned 4 years ago you cant just slam 10 people on cap at once and expect to win but here we are listening to how cops need exclusive vehicles to reach the bank hahahahhahaah
  7. lol some things never change
  8. Could have 3..... @Mitch (IFRIT) @Azeh
  9. Some easy locational changes - Remove North wongs and make its second location East arms. Its still a tower but at least its got some ways to push it and its not so far away. - New locations for Oil Cartel. Both are trash. - Remove big tower at meth cap to limit the crossfire potential and gangs would be more inclined to push it. Steve is typing... Rogue is typing...
  10. I'm personally a big fan of the idea that a SGT can arbitrarily call the use of lethals in kavala to kill a few geared players and then catch them as they spawn and slapp em with a full ticket. Thats the kinda light RP that keeps me going nowadays
  11. Looks like those SWAT training's are working as intended
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