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  1. Fed events basically domination now LOL 5 ifrits slamming every 3 minutes lotta fun
  2. Too big of a gap between new and old players. Bring back the turf gangs to bridge the gap. Revert the change so that you can spawn in a house while the turf is active and make it so you have the full rebel shop at the turf. Also the cops are way too strong. Got them showing up to a fed event with double our numbers using nitro ifrits and vans on first contact like what is even the point lol good luck getting new players to enjoy that
  3. No were just waiting for event to end
  4. No ones gonna make money in 2022 Ask Olympus how their server wipe worked for them. Nearly ended the server What's it matter if someone was to have 1 billion dollars when they will use the same MK-1 as the guy who started playing 2 weeks ago?
  5. Unfortunate you wont see us during your mandatory APD playtime. Make sure to take a break once in a while, not healthy to spend so much time at the computer. Maybe go outside and get some fresh air once in a while if you can manage to stand for a few minutes. Cheers bozo
  6. If you cant beat em, ban em Vision may be banned but we see the truth
  7. Remove north wongs and move it to the old east arms. Dump the castle stuff that was put on there its way too much. Change wongs to take a cut while processing to force the Athira gangs to fight instead of them capping at 3am to sell an entire house of scotch. @Gen. Henry Arnold @Patato
  8. Just delete the tower if anything is gonna get done to the cap. No need for these random cranes and a Conex box maze.
  9. It was a grim night when @pLayToy fell victim to admin abuse specific to a 5'6" manchild. A group of believers enjoying a wholesome cartel fight could not have predicted this type of treatment. Like a bolt of lightning, the APD pulled up in an orca with 10 of their brownshirts equipped with weapons specifically designed to kill our oppressed group of brothers. After the dust had settled on the battlefield, Stellar Galactic was victorious. @skimancolewas mistaken to think that our @pLayToydid not act with fairplay and after another long day of getting no matches on tinder, @skimancole ordered 2 extra-large pepperoni pizzas and took out his rage on a man of color. He could not have been more mistaken. Not only is @pLayToy acting without external assistance, he may need it the most. I'm happy to say our lawyers @Tyreseand @Domwere able to #FreeUpMyGuy and bring him home to get the support he needs.
  10. Bruh it really aint that hard to hold a point for a combined 10 minutes during a 2 hour event
  11. Yeah mb. @Gen. Henry Arnold Church and OG are the only caps fought for the location. And what makes them fun is that they are balanced for both sides. Legit no way to push this cap without suicide slamming multiple ifrits and hope you win out in the smokes. Further, literally every defending location of this cap is further elevated on the top of this hill so ifrits are easy rips.
  12. ??? I meant back to east arms tower that had been a thing for years
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