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  1. DaddysDarlings didnt play so it didnt count genry
  2. They do not want to allow us in the gang wars then they delete my ban appeal. What kind of blasphemy is this. 

  3. Seems double d's has plundered all the admin money we can from winning gang wars..... Probably best some other gangs have a chance this time around

  4. There is no problem lmao. You want to be able to defend cartels but not attack when someone challenges you. Doesnt work like that. If you're gang didn't recruit exclusively from the APD you would have no problem winning every once in a while.
  5. 1.) Cop that gets the lethal gets the money. If you want cops responding for the 10th time to a fed give them incentive when its gone full lethals and keep the shitters from leeching. 2.) Delete the evidence lockup and copy paste the olympus black water. (Needs actual good gear. Not just 2 Ok items, like enough that a group of 12-15 can leave feeling like it was worth it to each of them.) 3.) Turfs should be reworked. Who ever gets there first will win 90% of the time and since you can no longer spawn in turf houses to get another go it only seems logical that the cap is moved to some sort of compound away from the infinite corners of rodopoli. And the new location away from big cities would be almost like a gang base. Should also be able to buy 7.66 guns and medical from the turf shops.
  6. Nice tage bro. Dont bother listening to the career cops accusing you of cheating. Most of them have played for years and still arnt any good.
  7. Wont even be asylum gangs in the finals whats the point?


    The score board made that very apparent jk gl with whatever made you force yourself off the game
  9. will everyone have to redo swat training?
  10. An asylum CQC server that nets you asylum money from kills. (Even if its only like $250 per kill)
  11. Took a while but after discussing with the current gangs I've come up with an NA death squad capable of sending EU back to their mud huts. 1.) Xehons - Leader 2.) Batcan 3.) Tox 4.) bbgreg 5.) OperationSB - Whale slayer 6.) Not needed 7.) Not needed 8.) Not needed 9.) Not needed 10.) Not needed
  12. May have lost conner and jimmy but our newest recruits -TI- Khabib and -TI- Timmy are showing great potential.
  13. Cops so pressed about having the strider exclusively but complain about how the rebel ifrits are so strong. Maybe if rebels could buy hunters/striders at a cheaper price youd be able to pen the glass with those MXM's.... Just a thought.
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