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  1. in that case space has to be removed from powerpuff girls. The man obviously cheated according to the interviewer and that is not within the not giving a fuck mentality
  2. wollie35

    Arma 3 FPS

    if ya got these specs legit u can put all the blame at the server/game. This shit should be able to run everything.
  3. I don't know this shit exactly, but i mean they must have a proper reason for doing this i assume cause as jesse stated a lot of big games do it, and i am sure they know what they are doing.
  4. is that luker as in
  5. Please dont tell me this layout is intended or where i can switch back to the old 1. Notification icons and shit are annoying to look at. I don't get why you are updating this. Imo the old 1 was fine.
  6. this is probably the worst debate ive ever seen. Legit they are talking through eachother. What is this kindergarten? Need someone to tell them they need to stfu and let the other person talk, pathethic. Both of them. he only gains from fucking it up. The same reason hes calling upon people to basically commit a felony and double vote. This is all him taking safety measures in case he loses. He can start screaming it aint his fault he lost but the system/
  7. hey that looks like my answer when i still dk what the fuck is going on ;D
  8. yep, running out of stuff to do. Lemme know if u got something interesting
  9. heads up if i play im imposter. Also if u need to scream/screech to get ur point across dont join. I can not confirm or deny this story. But he's right it did happen.
  10. its just tower lag dont know why uadded the video. idc for the skinning knife tho add it who cares
  11. for all the people who wanted a kavala purge event. there ya go
  12. the instant link me ur app dude
  13. Yeah dont reduce sway or you will be ruining le business.
  14. so u also post vids of urself riding bicycles?
  15. those cops needs an iq test
  16. ngl when something says edited by x person. I expect there to be editing
  17. I dont think anyone except space turned space gay.
  18. While we are at it, free ved?
  19. Advise based in elo: nocturne mid cause u enjoy it but go dark Harvest/electrocute. Second keystone go celerity / waterwalking for movemeent speed for roams. Go full lethality (duskblade first) and keep roaming. Prob take ultimate Hunter as ur red end thingy for more roam kills. Sidenote: dont advice this build in higher elo where people can lane/Ward.
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