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Please use this template for Farewells (New rule as of 11/27/2018)

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Please use the following (you can choose which ones you'd like).

  1. Asylum isn't what it used to be guys. It's just not fun anymore! To those that I've played with, I had fun.
  2. Asylum is dying/dead and I just want to thank everyone that I played with. I had fun.
  3. Asylum isn't like what it was in 2015. That's when I first started playing. I had fun.

You can also use some of these...

Caution: These are little more emotional and can provoke rage attacks.

  1. Fuck this. I'm out. The server has gone to shit and it's not like what it was in 2015!
  2. Fuck this server. bamf should just sell it to a dev or olympus!
  3. Fuck you all. Too many RDM'ers and cry babies on this server. It's not like what it was in 2015!

Note: When using this template, you run the risk of being asked/told "who are you?" , "you're a nobody." (Think of High School but with 5x more body odor and heavy breathing). 

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1 hour ago, tongobongo said:

I figured I would just make it easier for everyone.

Mods please sticky this. 

I would be more inclined to lock this than sticky it.. or how about a "Farewell to your post"?

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