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  1. I believe in some states, spitting on someone can be considered assault.
  2. tongobongo


    game is straight ass
  3. I guess you could say his life is in... Jeopardy.
  4. I just posted print outs of this amazing 10/10 ad all over my town. Long live Asylum you kavala rats xD!
  5. I'm not banned. That was Alecuck Ford taking my name because the squeaker brigade considers me their god emperor.
  6. On behalf of the Asylum population, I would like to place an order for 100 fedoras. Make sure they have the built-in sweatband for those long weekends. Thanks.
  7. start saving logs and lawyer up
  8. i have an i7 2600 with an RX 270 and i still dog on trashbags dont max out all of your settings and get rid of gay shit like shadows
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