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  1. @SharingWriter dude. We're going to own the fucking server with the amount of keys we buy. Our shares dude holy shit.
  2. +1 otherwise reports on people that should be banned aren't going to happen. Would just make the server better!
  3. yeah but you should still come back <3. Bye willmong
  4. no someone deleted all the backups and files. They are working on fixing it
  5. bring back bounty hunter now
  6. Buy a meth pass 200k a day! Trust me you will make your money back instantaneously.
  7. Batcan

    V2 is poppin!

    buff bounty hunter ffs.
  8. More plane skins. I'm thinking a dragon or jaguar themed one.
  9. Batcan

    Gang Perks & Exp

    Now how about gang prestige so we can get rebel discounts, titles, and skins/clothes.
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