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  1. This would be cool too
  2. can I please be taken off mod queue it has been 4 years
  3. We specialize in true factions gameplay. Unfortunately, @JIMBOand I were coinflip and cane legends but retired. @Zurphand @Elements bore witness.
  4. b and g would make sense
  5. Hmm, maybe. I'm not sure if I want a bunch of scripters ruining my experience
  6. Always knew this guy was rotten. @RoguePilotam I eligible for an unblacklist now?
  7. The meat riding is crazy
  8. @kingofcanada I fully trust Billy when it comes to knowledge of unhealthy breathing. You will probably never find someone who has dealt with it more. However, if you are looking for a diagnosis from a medical expert, I'd direct you to board-certified doctor and professional fighter @JIMBO.
  9. You think you know a guy... Wow @DS_Billy
  10. Bro now tea has my houses lmfao
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