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  1. Kavala is one of my most favorite places to roleplay at. Me and @STON3COLDK1LL3R will be deeply saddened if this change is made.
  2. Had black mk1s in my house before the sub system and now I can’t pick them up if I drop them or put them in a car after taking them out of the house
  3. At least it used provably fair
  4. I remember there was at one point a website made for asylum cash gambling, but @Mitch (IFRIT) wouldn't allow it.
  5. Is that a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom? Good shape for such an old house.
  6. TBH I don't see the issue with allowing people to pit maneuver each other on the basis that if they do end up dying or blowing up, you would have to comp them or face a ban.
  7. Batcoin sounds better IMO
  8. Don’t let him make another one, sad he made one in 2019 let alone 2020.
  9. Mx needs to be legal otherwise we end up with unnecessary violence between bounty hunters and cops. Situation ends up with a bunch of restrained and blindfolded cops or rebels losing bounties they worked hard for because they have an illegal gun and then they lose their gear and license. Same with spar-16 no reason for it to be illegal.
  10. Think it might have something to do with how unfunny and pointless the post was
  11. no one's voting tox unless he gives them something
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