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  1. so was McLovin and you guys thought he wouldn't cheat again
  2. yeah they were starting to question whether or not you were going to die
  3. as if, Jimbo smarter than me. That fucking says something. We've literally taken over entire minecraft servers.
  4. Until everything has been tested and the medic faction is organized, I say we keep things such as defib timers like they were. Medics are not very reliant as of now.
  5. I've spoken with hundreds of people on the matter and pretty much everyone wants governor back. Some of the suggestions i've been given is to increase the tax to 50% and tax 5k to pull out any vehicle except potato hatches and quad bikes. The governor should be able to pardon 2 people per restart regardless of whether they are in prison, restraints, etc. Governors should also be able to place 50k bounties on people's heads and if the governor dies martial law is declared.
  6. Ngl I'm pretty sure this medic shit is not working out
  7. I'll knock you on the ground and you won't be able to get up fat retard
  8. Except it really isn't because you finish your tempest run that took you an hour to get 120k and then you realize that gets you 4 loadouts and you also remember there are kids with over 50 million.
  9. Give me paramedic I’ll work for free
  10. We powerpuff girls don't hide, pull up irl, we have bodies on us, slaughter gang
  11. Batcan

    Farewell All

    Now we just need @Clint Beastwood to retire so me and @SharingWriter can take over with our 40% shares of the company in asylum crate keys.
  12. Batcan

    Farewell All

    batcan for new Owner and Developer
  13. Batcan

    Forum Signatures

    Make me a super cool one @Lorax
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