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  1. @Rafael , don't drop a mag again bro. You may get removed I remember when we got promoted to Sergeant together. Those were the days. Congrats man!
  2. Raza

    V2 is poppin!

    define a lot? There were 40 people between both servers this weekend during peak times.
  3. Raza


    Least it's localized
  4. Raza

    older gamers

    Last game I was actually hyped for was Horizon. That's about it. Everything else is meh currently with the exception of MAYBE Cyberpunk
  5. Raza


    Wyoming is where it's at
  6. i said that. Disagree. Using your car as a weapon is and shall remain a no-no. Learn to drop on them without running yourself over
  7. If you passenger seat them you can't. To escape the gunfire by them you may
  8. If you are being shot at and the person is in the way or you escaping, you can run them over.
  9. Probably and unpopular opinion (IDC really) and already said somewhere in the wall of text but here's my idea. Take away the MX... Give the SPAR16 to BHs (Only legal to BHs) imho the SPAR16 is an equal competitor of the MX albeit a lower caliber. Reduce the bonuses of the talents just a touch or not at all (I never had an issue with them) then voila. I remember a time where bounty hunters didn't even HAVE talents nor an MX. There were still plenty of them roaming around the server. Go back to its roots and go from there
  10. I was just informed today actually that my name has a relation to the Hispanophone population. Honestly, didn't know that. It just sounded cool lol. Unfortunately, I only know english with broken spanish. Always free to play with newer players that help keep the community going
  11. I think everyone here would have shot you instead of sending you to prison lol.
  12. +1 to the evil medic idea. Although, it might end up being more trolly than intended whitelisted or not.
  13. make it lucrative, make sense and have a decent reward. Possibly LEGAL when its raw, illegal when it's processed due to the how "lethal" it is. I mean raw uranium ore isn't all that radioactive but refining it brings out the radioactive properties more
  14. That bunker location looked like the bunker near Pyrgos. Make the northwest side of Altis relevant again since there hasn't been a cartel there in ages. We don't need another place so close to a major city.
  15. Rook to the toes = a literal slow death
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