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Thought I'd say hi.

First experience,on the server I'm helped get a start by mining & refining. Get shot multiple times in town without warning. Realized that if someone in my group engages that makes me free game even though I don't have a gun. Bought a gun.

Ally goes into shop. Chopper overhead so I take cover in building beside. Gunfire down my ally. I gun down the assailant. Unable to help ally and hear a vehicle approaching. Hide around back of building and headshot same guy from before out the vehicle. Suddenly 3 more players show up. Take one down but go down. They take my gun and revive me and without a word, take my ally away. Realized my ally was wanted for robbing a store and I had just gunned down 3 officers  Ally gets captured for his transgression, I don't even get a slap on the wrist.

10/10 will play again.

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Day 2.

Killed by walking into a table losing all my stuff. VDM'd 5 minutes later by someone. RDM'd instantly after by someone else.

Banned because someone else was using money hacks on the server.

7/10. Guess I can't play again.

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