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  1. @Azeh Any idea when you're going to add in back the following for cops? 1.RCO Scope 2. Police Medics 3. Police Warrant Tracking
  2. He should have sent you to jail at the end of day but I can’t blame him for shooting an annoying member of the community who was blacklisted from the APD for multiple accounts of paint balling.
  3. I was there robbing the store and @Gregg was undercover and took me down then you killed him and he came back in a red offroad. You stole his offroad and I eventually got a pardon.
  4. I see Gang vs Gang stuff possibly returning?
  5. Oh my god, I’m fucking dying of laughter here. Thanks I guess for turning me into meme lol.
  6. Who said I was mad? I'm not mad at all.
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