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  1. You can use any other gun other than the spar. The only reason why it's illegal is because of the high rate of fire. If you want a gun with a high rate of fire use the Sting.
  2. Time to do a 'late' September subscription drive. If we reach 15 sub points then I'll reward you guys. http://twitch.tv/mr_maximo
  3. No, you guys can do just fine with 5.56 rifles.
  4. http://twitch.tv/mr_maximo
  5. http://twitch.tv/mr_maximo
  6. http://twitch.tv/mr_maximo
  7. http://twitch.tv/mr_maximo
  8. http://www.twitch.tv/mr_maximo
  9. http://twitch.tv/mr_maximo
  10. http://twitch.tv/mr_maximo
  11. http://twitch.tv/mr_maximo
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