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  1. If you aren’t APD or DS don’t bother
  2. do it under a different name and make it yours
  3. hahahah they aren't worthy of your training brother
  4. if there was an evidence room for durga back in the day it would look like this and still nothing happened someone find the video of durga being kidnapped by Nv and @me that was funny af
  5. wow john so insecure no voice noooooo
  6. I love how ppl that have been here 5 years come on here and smack their balls on the table and make this kid look new hahahaha
  7. hmu if you wanna buy fake comp templates
  8. @Sugarfoot this needs updating bud get writing please
  9. Message to anyone who reads this whole thing, get a fucking grip you as well Steven nobody wants to read your novel
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