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  1. still playing this game kyle oh dear hows betsy
  2. i still won all our 1v1's says a lot really @Oskarr
  3. fuck u fat boy I care @Vanilla Coke
  4. thats the biggest patch I have seen in years and it looks sick I am always looking to help special eds, 50% of 50 is 25. anything else u need let me know.
  5. hit scan is the only problem and pls no explosive
  6. goyney


    so these are the remains of asylum
  7. Download hardware monitor and it will tell you the max speed of ur ram and u can change the value in bios
  8. retard had his ram @ 2400
  9. hmu for skin templates if u want them
  10. right before u rage quit koth so bad
  11. not very good at dot to dot are you old man, just wanted you to know you were wrong. no need to feel sorry for me I can assure you my quality of life is far better than yours pensioner
  12. @DS_Billy what now retard
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