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  1. goyney

    Voting system?

    Eta on evidence nerf - overnight Eta on gang boat fix - when plague don’t own it
  2. give admins incentive to spec on dom or put trusted members in a position to spec on s2 only
  3. Monitor worth more than my pc
  4. goyney

    add more uc slots

    Patrolling and initiation rule differences are a factor as well
  5. goyney

    add more uc slots

    Both. Better customisation and no badge. I can work on an APD granit? Still though, more slots would be nice.
  6. goyney

    add more uc slots

    I don’t have a cringe retard?
  7. add more uc slots
  8. welcome back mate, its been a while
  9. It’s pretty flawed tbf, lots of cheesing gonna happen
  10. How are you going to tell where the money comes from when it goes into gang bank? If a player converts the bands from bank and then deposits it into their account, and then into gang bank later for example?
  11. Their boxes don’t care about blur
  12. more grotty knights pls like the first one
  13. That’s cap btw you can seize for any firearms offences
  14. Didn’t expect such a good idea from you!
  15. for the love of god remove salt flats from gun game
  16. I didn't even write that much to get through school never mind to get a clueless admin reinstated
  17. Give them 1-2 weeks to sell them. If they don’t then random houses will be deleted to get them down to the cap.
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