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  1. Copy Olympus or RDM name script and keep the asylum styling / typeface
  2. It’s the start of the month why rush it
  4. Fix juggernaut and add a new event? No ADD LYNX.. SPMG.. AND FUCKING NAVIDS? YES! Viability? I assure you they are very fucking viable. Especially at front glassing ifrits first bullet. I think balance is the word you're looking for and they are absolutely not in this environment.
  5. take mxsw off them while you're at it
  6. hahah all that for an extra uniform, faggot
  7. Hidden talent bro, keep it hidden
  8. good video. If you need any skins from the server for your cinematics in future, send me a message on discord.
  9. don't forget you've played that same game for just as long or longer as most in that screenshot
  10. @harri_he gets more likes than you hahahaha
  11. this thread has been repurposed as a graveyard for crimson member applications
  12. looking back now, this is actually sad, he sounds fucked up
  13. bet you wrote more than your gcse's you sad fucker
  14. cut the play zone in half for all maps except altis and utes and re-do the capture points
  15. I nominate you for montage of the year at the arma 3 disabled players awards
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