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  1. you have been turned down to the ANIME BOYS best of luck with future employment
  2. What do you mean, from what I saw in a clip from earlier it seems your gang is a bit of a joke <---
  3. But when I met you in game you said you would we even talked on Mumble
  4. The Anime Boys Requirements: Must Like Anime: Have seen at least 2 animes: 100+ hrs: Have Knowledge of Kavala Callouts: Age 14+: Do you have a Waifu, if so who?(optional): Roster: Head Guildmaster: ANIMEMANONIICHAN1379 Guild Wizard: SNIPERMAN1178 Designated Mascot: @Yung Carti @dynasty381 Guild Janitor: @Energy This is our poster girl "Anime Boys no girls allowed besides Neko Girls cause they're an exception."
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