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  1. ya a knock down round being shot in my big toe is realistic
  2. I dont understand why knock down rounds are still allowed in lethal battle, is that even valuing your life? Seriously bringing a knock down gun to a lethal battle, the cops use them because they know its OP, u might ask well what else would the pub slots use? Allow them to use 9mm like protectors anything that isnt a one shot. Yes it might seem we are using the same tactic over and over but using the taser rifle seems oh so sure to counter that tactic. https://youtu.be/fsIruXuu-hg And this is why i get pissed off because ur doing so well until some random takes u down. Are the cops really balanced though? Seeing as a pub can dominate the battlefield when there suppose to be a beginner, right? And if ur an admin or cop please put why or how knock down guns are gonna stay or are gonna be a consderation.
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