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  1. 39 minutes ago, Envy_ said:

    I mean, this is the exact problem I'm talking about. You're not even playing yet you're already making excuses as to why things are happening. The mindset of the APD as whole is "Well we're bad so rebels need nerfs and cops need buffs". Instead of trying to actually get better at what they do. You say superior weapons and entrenched positions, My gang has had to recently fight the cops who are already set up inside of fed the second we ping at a nearby atm. And guess what, we weed them out and take over the fed. As far as weapons go, basically anyone with a pulse got SWAT at this point so thats a misnomer. They have the same weapons we do, and get 3 free pieces of armor to use as well. They just don't know how to use these things, oh and also their spawn is less than 1.5k from literally every event, so if they die, they can be right back with a full loadout. The main advantage gangs have over the APD is that we can communicate and work together to get something done, while many of the cops play selfish and give up before they even get there. The amount of times I've seen 2-3 cops w/ SWAT load outs opt to stay in Telos and just play sniper elite for 15 mins instead of actively pushing fed is astounding. They need higher ups with brains tbh. Most higher up cops are on the money leader board as well, so pulling some additional armor shouldn't be an issue. Hell, we need to pull armor for everything we do, and if we by chance leave it behind the cops get to seize it or drive it around and use it against us (Captains can use ifrits btws apparently since the guidebook doesn't apply to them). 

    TLDR: The issue is, the cops will lose, and continue to lose forever unless someone with a brain and fingers explains to them that they can win these events. The only reason cops hate going to them now is because they lose damn near every one. If the cops were winning every event, we wouldn't be doing them. You're trying to treat the symptoms here and not the cause. Since I write a lot and cops seem to have the inability to understand, let me spell out why federal events are an issue: Higher ups are promoted based on nepotism and unimportant criteria. This leads to the leadership being under qualified and inexperienced to lead their fellow officers. This lack of leadership causes the rest of the APD to lose almost every meaningful engagement they partake in. This leads to the APD being sad and angry and wanting more and more buffs. 

    If you really want to fix the issue. Start winning events, figure out a good strategy to win the events, or promote someone with a brain who can do that. But none of this happen because the APD promotion process is basically just who can kneepad more. So until then, thanks for the millions in guns and gold gents. I looks forward to the next round of rebel nerfs. 



    Side note: You saying it's rebels trying to bait cops into a player report? Ask the admins how many cops report rebels for literally everything and try to bait us. Like rolling up to an event we're about to start with lights on and no siren. Or setting up in fed and placing spike strips on every gate trying to bait us to shoot them. 

    Read the whole thing before you comment cops.

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