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  1. No I frankly don't really give two fucks if quests get added or not, I wont do them. I'm more upset that every time I get on the server whether 1 month apart or 6 nothing has changed except a few new skin.
  2. no unfortunately I haven't but just like your good pal Jesse, I dont have the time to sit down and "contribute". indeed I have, mainly because this piece of shit game is addicting as fuck. but god damn its fun when, unfortunately I cannot enjoy this game even if I had the time on my hands because my whole guild is banned.
  3. ahahahah this is the pinnacle of comedy.
  4. unlike everyone else I've got more then 5 braincells to realize not to give my money away to something dead rather give it to charity. and since you want something constructive, the strider looks pretty good. One issue no civ has a strider and you're nuts if you think people are gonna buy a bad vehicle with blood money. I've got more important things to do, like schooling. and how about you make the content you've been promising for the past 8 months BTW and then idiots like this moron who will toss any and all of their money for pixels in fucking Ar
  5. but its not the best way, for God's sake the fucking Ifrit looks confused
  6. I like how you didn't even take the time to create actual skins, rather take the orca skin and put it on everything else.
  7. Rather be a sandbag, then only sit at rebel and open my garage.
  8. You talk a lot of shit for being someone with 3 fingers, how about you pipe down and when you actually get a kill you talk. And dont think you're good because you are in big gangs, you're just the gang garage.
  9. give it to that retard @Solarmender
  10. already been 7 months, and its not EVEN A GOOD THING. lots of things have been promised to come out "SOON" like V2, or Quest system or even the next patch.
  11. this is just an early idea for their Arma 4 server.
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