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  1. oh so cool, I saw this game on the steam summer sale, is Sniper Elite IV any good?
  2. yo 💯 @Patato you got this one right?
  3. here's a better fix, unplug the server box!
  4. Mashallah! if the caliphate needs any funding let me know, im 100% down to fund the caliphates terrorist actions. in ArmA III. on Asylum Altis Life RPG.
  5. @Patatoso then why was that policy change to the policy change kept private? Seems to me like the SA's and SAPD are all corrupt cunts.
  6. yo I swear a year ago the captains made a policy saying that they can only be a captain for a year....what happened?
  7. yo I heard yall lost to DS in gang wars even with @Koimaster on your roster, Beached Whales is finished
  8. there is no way this can be difficult, just make it call the notification when a player gets downed, simple....I think...
  9. just steal all the GTA online money making methods. Next up, you can buy a warehouse and then you can source goods which are then marked on the map and anyone can come and steal them from you or destroy them. Once you bring them back to your warehouse you can sell them which starts a similar mission which marks you on the map and requires you to take it somewhere while people can try to destroy it or steal it for themselves.
  10. yo I just seen a tahoe driving around the block, be careful bro!
  11. who gave your ass LT, back to being a sgt in RCN.
  12. nobody wants cops to respond later, this idea had potential until you said housing and utility pricing as well as making cops respond later rather than sooner.
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