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  1. think you posted this on the wrong forums bud, here is the correct link https://olympus-entertainment.com/
  2. bub i think your brain isnt working, stop drinking all them rona's and get back to the "note pad" we had.
  3. i can confirm i used iron sights for 3 months best sight for the mk1 without a doubt
  4. bub i havent actually played asylum since june
  5. this might have just topped the stupidest shit ive seen
  6. you reek of autism kid shut up.
  7. Amazing, never seen anything of the sorts in my life. Such a brilliant idea so new and unseen before. Cant wait to do this next time I install arma 3 again!
  8. dick head, this was meant to be a thing 6 months ago get your notepad open again and read up on what we told you. Fucking meat head.
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