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  1. I literally already made something super like this, and nobody did anything, sick content, not implemented. @Patato add it pls
  2. just shut down the server, solution to all problems
  3. gamer dillion is spreading false rumors about me, he is angry that he is 5 foot 6 inches.
  4. nigga I couldn't give a single fuck about 20% discounts. it didn't matter, bub, nobody else capped it until you found out....It didn't change shit. and I know it was genry the neckbeard who changed the prices, but still as a collective of developers you're not doing the right things imo. You and I both know the server was dead because of the time of the year, it always dies in october-january. Nobody wants to do runs, nobody is gonna do runs, and you probably think why's that? because runs pay like shit, and why do they pay like shit? because you've made them pay like shit. At the end of the day you've killed dom and you dont care enough to bring it back all because you want a better economy. I guess it's ecomony > players.
  5. man you're so braindead. You have to make dom profitable otherwise nobody will fucking play the game. dont believe me? go look at dom rn. Literally just revert it and dont touch it man, people have been playing this server for so many years and the economy has never been a problem it isn't now and it wont be. you will never see a thing change. I still buy the same amount of sui vests even though it costs 500% more than it did 2 years ago, I still blow up my orca's and I still buy a shitty RPG that does less than my MK-1. You doing anything to the economy doesn't change shit, all it does is piss us players off even more that I have to spend 250k instead of 50k on my sui vest. it's not stopping anyone and at the end of the day we're still playing the game the same. you tried fixing ifrit meta by making it a crazy price and it didn't fix shit. I still buy and pull the same amount of ifrits, all you've managed to do is make me dislike you more for forcing me to pay more. The economy doesn't change a single bit. If we as a gang felt like we needed money we'd go hit a 5 man fed and make 2.5 million between the five of us. You're fucking with a delicate balance of desire to play the game. and slowly all you've managed to do is tip it the wrong way. If I were in your shoes I'd realize the importance have having a full server with a loaded economy compared to a dead server with a dead economy.
  6. Im pretty sure nobody took a shit on slicks updates man....
  7. this is a great idea man, who is gonna do it though? I think we should figure that out first
  8. imo move bank right outside pyrgos HQ, nobody fights it because im not tryna wait 5 min for cops to slam. That's why prison is so fun, it takes 30 seconds for cops to get to it.
  9. ahahahaha im literally in your head rent free retard. back to carrying buckets of dirty water on your head who?
  10. why make guidebook rules if captains wont follow them? Are the captains gonna hold an internal investigation of themselves of and find them selves all clear again? literally a bunch of obese neckbeards that scream hacks cus they blow cock and balls. brings us straight back to here a bunch of monkeys playing like they're chris kyle because all 3 of the devs are smooth brain apd chimps
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