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  1. I'd like to become a floppy floppy floppy lobby lobby lobster
  2. Very good montage. Gamer girl Estelle gives this a plus 10.
  3. C U S T O M K E Y B I N D Y O U S T R A I G H T B A B O O N This nigga on a next level retard moment. Now I get why you think you're the next Rodrigo.
  4. Gamer UwU girl Estelle is very sorry. She did not know it was you! This thread now gets a -1 from UwU Gamer Girl Estelle!
  5. Literally not white, Literally Middle eastern/Arabic, Literally friends with @Mr. Slickwho is black!!!!!
  6. Bro, it is one of the most armored helicopters in ArmA 3 my nigga. The nigga in the Gyazo got shot through the little foot window (which can be shot through by 9mm). As for tweaking the armor value it is possible, but not in the way you would imagine. All that can be changed is the overall Armor Value which means how much damage it needs to take before the vehicle is destructed. it would not stop the bullet penetration of an MK-1 Rather just make it take say 15 bullets instead of 10 to break a component of the Orca
  7. make it not appear at all when you press 1, make that shit a custom keybind
  8. ima keep it real as fuck here. Gang wars is deader than a door nail nigga. The last ACTUAL gang wars not that dog shit hosted on oly servers. literally killed gang life. from what I saw there, it's not worth spending time and effort doing gang wars when it's going to be dom but less fights and shitty price pools
  9. nigga I dont want no ruler clip, I need that one meter stick glick.
  10. notice how nobody laughed or liked this topic.
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