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  1. it is possible, since your cursorTarget goes through the glass of vehicles allowing you to target players inside the vehicle
  2. shit yall stole my oly gang name dude.
  3. what this clips shows, is the APD driving OUR Tempest away. 100%, and you know why, because it has to be approved by a CM and ALL THE CMS Love how corrupt the apd is and then themselves are CORRUPT.
  4. and why is it like this, because the apd hates us. I would bet they dont do this shit to normal gang members
  5. Who gives a fuck. People meme @Steve for spawning in nades, even though everyone knows he buys 15 in his loadout. aslong as you aint really spawing it in its fine, dont be a gnashes dont do this, last time pizza did it and his tags went poof.
  6. just pointing out something, and on the other hand correct me if im wrong but leady is a CM. reporting an admin is a CM thing.
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