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  1. How long will the server be down ?
  2. In-Game Name: twinks Age: 23 Time on Arma 3 {screenshot]:https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=51081A410BF61500&id=51081A410BF61500!451&parId=51081A410BF61500!111&o=OneUp Time on Asylum {screenshot}:https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=51081A410BF61500&id=51081A410BF61500!452&parId=51081A410BF61500!111&o=OneUp Discord Username: Twinkietwinks#9297 Gangs you have been in: BootyWarriors/Valentino Crime Family/Altis Liberation Army Why do you want to join our gang? Iv been struggling to find a gang and a new family, it hard being on you're own in Altis and
  3. The title says it all could use the help from the community/ all i find is pine
  4. Welcome To the Family The Valentino Crime Family is a brand new gang on the streets Altis and we want you! Our Goals is to control turf/Recruit/Become Rich/ We also offer loans to members and give even cuts when a job is finish and will train new people in the server We do many thing like the real mafia does like Racketeering small gangs to Smuggling of all good We use the new Ranking system the mob has "Mainly Street Boss/Sotto Regime and Enforcer" Ranks: And their Roles in the omerta Associate/Recruit-New and Ready to make money and is a pawn
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