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  1. Be the change you want to see: https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/112372-developer-designer-applications-open/ You will not be paid for your time. This is just delusion.
  2. Y’all righting too much, I ain’t.reading that.
  3. Hotfix #1: Fixed the SpyGlass disconnect when attempting to repack mags. Fixed misc map issues. Hotfix #2: Fixed more map issues. Fixed the action for toggling the Athira lighthouse. Fixed rangefinders not showing names of players with a mask. Fixed some Evidence Lockup issues. Removed suicide vest from the APD undercover shop. Hotfix #3: More Evidence Lockup fixes. Hotfix #4: Changed shipwreck loot to not get cleaned up. Fixed an issue with the Evidence Lockup fence. Fixed Evidence Lockup deploying only working if in a vehicle, rather than if not in a vehicle. Changed how clothing skins are applied to be more reliable. Changed the loadout system to save clothing skins. For this reason everyone's loadouts have been deleted, and they will have to be saved again. Fixed an issue that caused loadout slots in the loadout system to not show up. Changed meat cooking to work with rabbits and snakes.
  4. Y’all righting too much, I ain’t.reading that.
  5. If if it's not there then it's because the current mission file was packed a few days before the update itself. The option is intended to be there and default is two volume levels.
  6. Someone made a bug report saying it was too big to drive out of the garage.
  7. Game designers come up with ideas. Game developers execute them.
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