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  1. I know you're a bit thick-skulled, but GTA has nothing to do with us. Jesse is retired and hasn't touched any Arma code since December.
  2. We want Strife! We want Strife! We want Strife!
  3. More performant to fetch someone's 45 cars rather than 250
  4. type !seasquestprogress into direct chat
  5. Titling cartel money would be too much spam. As for transferring gang bank money, maybe.
  6. I mean it did fix the issue that it targeted, as this is what people were doing before https://youtu.be/FhlksxdYZ0E?t=140
  7. @Wang Liqin reckon this is Waldo undercover?
  8. I did not. Got enough school related coding to do currently.
  9. Azeh

    Website Update

    That's the old site. What link takes you there?
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