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  1. https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/support/
  2. There would be no timezone issues with Strife. Bring back Strife!
  3. Pretty sure this has been happening for many years, but do you have a video?
  4. Nothing was changed about it, but it broke after this update. And it broke really bad.
  5. You'll still get pop-ups telling you to purchase the DLC.
  6. Added: Civilians can enter DLC vehicles if they don't have the DLC. Air HQ for medics by @Jbdragon. Pushback option for planes. More crafting options. More P90 skins at rebel. Donor 3: Camo Donor 4: Hex Donor 5: Black Two ambulance skins for the Van (Ambulance) for medics (donor 3 and 4 required) Changed/Tweaked: Network optimizations on death. May or may not break some things. Updated Kavala to @Calle.'s design. Updated HW Patrol HQ by @Jbdragon The phone design, as well as
  7. Added: "Crypto" loot crate. Gold/Iredescence Orca skin for donor 10 and 9 respectively. Cop: Gendarmerie Uniform (Blue). Cop: Gendarmerie Uniform (Grey) for donor 3. Cop: Gendarmerie Uniform (Tan) for donor 3. A map marker will be created when your bounty combat logs. 30/75rnd Lush magazine AK12. Sand magazine for Spar 16. Car garage to the airshop south of Kavala. Changed/Tweaked: Everyone, regardless of donor level, spawns with a debit card. Increased the maximum house sell price from $999,999 to $4,999,999. Remov
  8. Need more info. I don't play the game. Also, this is a better place to post such things https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/support/ Bit more helpful but when exactly does the fullscreen NVG not work properly? What are you in the process of doing?
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