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  1. Next update probably
  2. Hotfix #4: Fixed RCO not showing in the cop weapon shop. Fixed AK ARCOs being free in the cop weapon shop. Fixed a script error occasionally happening upon loading in after joining the server. Fixed charge removals (on cop) breaking bounty hunters. Fixed Master Crusader/Apex Predator being obtainable without all the prior honor talents. Fixed the notification after robbing someone not disappearing. Fixed an issue causing gang talents/xp to reset. Added a distance/location hint when tracking or getting a new bounty. Exiting vehicle trunks should no longer make you stand up if crouched. The "Tracksuit" uniform (i.e Gorka uniform) can now be used with a Carrier Lite. Some code cleanup/optimization.
  3. 1. Yes. 2. Some things get rewritten, everything else gets refactored. The former is a lot more time consuming as you have to re-think the approach, take exploits into account, spend more time testing/fixing etc. It was one line of code that caused the lag issue, the fix was to add a few words/characters. I had read said line multiple times, but the realization came randomly.
  4. Hotfix #3: Cop: Added Green 4-five (LT+). Cop: Added Black Scope for 4-five (LT+). Cop: The Night Eyes talent now gives you black NVGs instead. Medic: Added fuel-can to medic shop. Medic: Re-distributed some medic vehicles Off-Road (Basic) Available to Rank 1 (Down from 2) SUV (Basic) Available to Rank 2 (Down from 3) Tempest (Covered) Available to Rank 2 (Down from 3) M-900 Available to Rank 2 (Down from 3) Medic: Re-named some uniforms. Civilian: Dying should now drop money on hand properly. Federal Reserve: Fixed the federal reserve not ending due to medics being nearby. Increased the time it takes to apply a demo charge to safes from 5 to 10 seconds. Decreased the time it takes to drill safes from 35 to 25 seconds. Fixed gate not opening fully if boltcut with a talent. Prisoners can no longer be downed with a gun or restrained. Dying while blindfolded should now put you back into your group on respawn. ALT F4'ing while dead should now delete the corpse properly. Fixed house spawns sometimes being at the bottom left corner of the map. Fixed bounty hunters being able to send combat loggers to jail without having their bounty. Fixed setting a gang talent causing you to be kicked from the server. Fixed a revive animation issue. Fixed an issue with not receiving bonus money from Skiptracer jailing. Altered some things to slightly reduce network traffic.
  5. Hold the selfies, put the Gram away
  6. Doesn't look like server lag to me. https://i.gyazo.com/79835a3c02a3a6a9919052a64c1188a2
  7. Yep... just as I took off from Athira rebel - meanwhile you were at the airfield or something.
  8. No... it’s simply a while loop.
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