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  1. It was never added to V2. The hitman tree was completely useless and is 1/3rd of the infamy perks. In my opinion infamy was only good for discounts, increased sell prices, faster gathering, faster bloodbagging and faster defibbing. Vehicles and loadouts are cheaper now. There's no dynamic market causing lower sell prices. Tempest Devices can be used to gather for you. Some drugs can be double processed for increased sell price. Vehicles can be modified to hold a little more storage. Bank & fed robberies are more rewarding. So personally I don't think it'd be a good idea to re-introduce
  2. Azeh

    Arma 3 FPS

    I got a PM from someone saying his fps was capped to 60. Told him to disable VSync and it's not capped anymore. He has a 144 Hz monitor, so idk.
  3. Azeh

    Arma 3 FPS

    @william Don't tell me you have VSync enabled
  4. Azeh

    Arma 3 FPS

    My view distances on the phone are as follows. I pretty much never get on the server to play, but I feel they're enough unless your name is Rodrigo. Remove all launch parameters. Uncheck all of these except for Large-page support. You'll have to test the hyper-threading option yourself, been too long since I tested it but I don't think it gave me an increase. The game will auto-detect the rest of the options. To change refresh rate, find Arma3.cfg in Documents\Arma 3 and change the value of "refresh" to 144.
  5. Azeh

    Arma 3 FPS

    In what areas?
  6. Hotfix #5: Fixed plane crash markers not deleting. Fixed SWAT van. Fixed the naming of the Hatchback Sport subscriber skin. Fixed some issues regarding the graveyard admin event. Fixed some issues regarding the cop vehicle shop for certain ranks/roles. Fixed stat tracking for coffee consumption. Fixed the "Drop" button being disabled for cops in the warrant role. Fixed syncing near the prison causing your loadout to be wiped. Re-added APB.
  7. That's it. Next patch your gun will start jamming randomly ya goblin
  8. 8700k @ 4.7 GHz, GTX 1070 With 138 players on, 180 minutes till restart: Drug cap: 100fps OG arms (being fought rn): 80-100fps Church cap: 100-110fps Middle of Athira: 50-60fps Middle of Pyrgos: 50-60fps Middle of Kavala: 50-60fps Middle of Therisa: 70-80fps Bank: 90-100fps Settings
  9. Hotfix #4: Potentially made house upgrades work more reliably. Fixed weapon/loadout menu closing instantly when opened. Fixed players not being able to interact with garages etc after being in the graveyard event.
  10. PM me the house ID, found at the top of the house menu
  11. Hotfix #3 (goes live when the server restarts): Fixed requirements to use the medic Rhib skin. Fixed inability to purchase aging barrels for houses. Fixed gang creation being abrupted if you were already in a group. Fixed alcohol aging (server shouldn't be as laggy as it's been so far this update). Fixed the ability to check your own charges. Tweaked the blur effect when near vehicle smokes. Added more civilian slots.
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