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  1. Go to Settings to activate Windows.
  2. Uh I think it's rank 3 atm but I'll make it so everyone can see (but not challenge/surrender)
  3. Just because it wasn't possible in V1. Didn't hear about it being possible in V2 until recently.
  4. We will be running some additional logging and profiling for a little while. This may or may not have some impact on server performance. Added: Loadout Saving System. Available locations are: rebel, skiptracer, cop HQs, medic HQs. Loadouts will overwrite any existing gear, so make sure you don't have anything special on you don't want to lose! Ability to save up to 3 loadouts per faction side Can subscribe to get an additional 2 slots. You cannot save gear that is not available in the shops you're currently at. Additional stat tracking for around 50-60 different things. Will become available on the asylum stats page soon. War system. Killing someone in a war grants you Blood Money. Blood Money can be used to purchase clothing and weapons at rebel outposts. Custom Control 16 will now toggle lethal/non-lethal (cop only). Re-added protest signs. Slot machine to Casino. New icons for uranium. Virtual item shops will display how much room you have. 5 new animations, usable with the !e command (e.g !e squat2). New variant of squat - "squat2". "point" - points off into the distance. "thebird" does exactly what you think it does. "slowmo" slow-mo running animation. "execute" surprise hostages by fake executing them. The escape menu will now display important Asylum related links as clickable buttons. Free fire line for Drug Peninsula. Re-added automatic charges for executions (i.e if someone gets killed in civ restraints) and gang homicides. Medical to Skiptracer. Prestige for seizing illegal vehicles. Changed/Tweaked: Some client performance improvements. Updated APD Strider Skin Some small network optimizations. Loading in after server restarts should be significantly faster. Revives can no longer be spammed with windows key. The death camera shouldn't go through walls/buildings as often. Slightly increased the time of auto health-regen. Go-Karts can no longer be pulled at any garage. Officers will be able to restore power to the evidence lock up quicker. 5 minutes -> 2.5 minutes. LT/Paramedic will be able to open doors with "U" instead of unlocking the whole house. Gang house inventories can now be accessed by rank 4s and above rather than 3. Lethals can be loaded/unloaded inside vehicles again. Dropping items near briefcases will stack the items inside the existing briefcases instead of dropping a new one. Cop ratio: Cop ratio will now count medics in addition to civilians. Ratio changes: 6 Cops allowed online at all times. 9 Cops Allowed after 31 Civs/Medics. 15 Cops Allowed After 56 Civs/Medics. 17 Cops Allowed After 76 Civs/Medic. Jail times: Maximum jail time is 25 minutes. The back-end calculation to determine how long you will be in jail based on your charges has been shortened across the board. Bounty amounts are the same. This is to match the fact we changed the max prison time from 45 mins - 25 mins a few patches ago. Most of the time you won't notice but a few key charges that have changed are... Manslaughter 4mins instead of 6.25. Federal Events 5mins instead of 7.5. Loot box keys no longer require a loot box to be opened. Just click use on the key! Fixed: Donor/loot-crate wetsuits will now show up at cop diving shops. A rare bug for cops/medics resulting in a money wipe. An exploit allowing you to purchase an already owned garage. Fuel trucks despawning whilst pumping oil. A bug causing you to be jailed every time you log in. A bug allowing you to exploit out of your jailtime. Master Bounty Hunter not being unlearnable with a rebel license. Cop: "Heedful" talent only working with air vehicles. Cop: warrant tracking only working for admins/captains. Removed: Ability for medics to pick up illegal items. Ability to sell gold bars at turfs. Ability to spawn at turfs (or in nearby houses) whilst a turf is contested. Ability for medics to throw grenades. Map drawing in sidechat. Unused sounds (seatbelt). Unused images. Some unused code and other files. Semi-broken "intro" animation. A car wreck inside a purchasable garage.
  5. Surprised you know how to take screenshots with your phone
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