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  1. Just something they did differently for the Contact DLC weapons. Not really a bug, but consistency would be nice.
  2. As always, please report any bugs you come across. Update will come into effect once the servers restart. Added: Added Uranium mining and enriching. Check out http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Uranium for in depth information. Re-added rebel air drops. Re-added turfs and benefits. Re-added crafting. Re-added spikestrips. Re-added oil gathering (need have a pickaxe and be within 15m of a fuel truck for the action to show). Changed/Tweaked: Allowed players with max houses to price check houses. Reset vehicle despawn timer when setting up a fuel truck's oil drill and/or when starting to drill. Added a single notification for purchased items from the weapon shop (instead of spamming the chat). Syncing within the area of a cartel will sync you at a random position outside the cartel. Abuse will be punished. Allowed cops to pull out helicopters at civilian air shops. Fixed: Fixed being able to store gold bars in helicopters. Fixed exploit with medical marijuana. Fixed endless elevated security at Federal Reserve. Fixed jailtime not syncing. Fixed certain vehicles not being able to be pulled from Shed garages. Fixed scopes not being able to be bought for the Promet and AK-12. Fixed an instance where a restrained player could not be interacted with after being escorted. Fixed mining to give the correct amount. Fixed APD lethals not being toggle-able without a primary weapon. Fixed persistent vehicles not clearing vehicle ammo on server restart. Fixed revive animation making you stand up for other people. Fixed color of arrested players not being grey on the wanted list. Fixed dropping items while in a boat. Fixed the ability for multiple people to revive one person. Fixed the ability to use misc controls while dead. Fixed item pick-up exploit. Fixed gang house remaining as gang house after disbanding a gang.
  3. Azeh

    V2 feedback

    They were all reduced by 1/4th
  4. Azeh

    V2 feedback

    Max is 30 now, not 45. And until something is implemented to handle community goals, max is 24 (which is what goal 2 would be). Pressing plates also reduces jailtime.
  5. Azeh

    V2 feedback

    If all you do is shit on people and provide 0 constructive feedback, then yes, I have no problem telling you to leave. He's clearly not enjoying his time, nor is he doing anything to help us improve it.
  6. Azeh

    V2 feedback

    feel free to leave
  7. Well there wasn't a price increase, so the prices won't get decreased. Try making a comp request for your V1 crates, but idk if it will get accepted.
  8. Have to pay for each tier.
  9. I'm talking about V2. Without any upgrades you have 100 physical storage space.
  10. You flipped physical and virtual prices. The upgrade prices are different depending on the house 'tier', but for 220k/150k houses it's: Virtual: $5,000 (500) - $15,000 (1500) - $30,000 (3000) Physical: $5,000 (200) - $35,000 (650) - $55,000 (900) So upgrading the virtual inventory to 3000 space is $50,000. Around 10k cheaper than buying 3 large crates on V1. As for physical inventory, the default storage is 100. That's 33 MK1s. The maximum physical storage for the largest houses is 900. That's 300 MK1s.
  11. Azeh

    V2 feedback

    I'll try to get it added whenever the first hotfix is.
  12. Azeh

    V2 feedback

    Ultimately prices are going to be decided by the owners/(devs) on any server. I don't think Jesse meant that any feedback on money making would be completely ignored, but we're not going to make meth $3,000 each because Bill thinks it should give you that much. The difference is that we (I'm an exception, I don't) have statistics to base money making off of. Not to mention, we've all made money at some point. I've only had the ability to edit my money for a few months. There's nothing wrong with suggesting money buffs, but currently we have to see how things play out because both sale and purchase prices are static, and purchase prices for most things (primarily vehicles) have been decreased to some extent.
  13. Azeh

    V2 feedback

    The physical vehicle inventory was reverted due to negative feedback (even though it had a purpose, not "we think this is better than the default Arma inventory"). Now can you explain how we just determine everything ourselves?
  14. Azeh

    V2 feedback

    Oh, so money making is "everything". Got it.
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