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  1. If you're talking about the price change, that was me
  2. hotfix hasn't been rolled out yet
  3. For now the limit is 1, yes
  4. Don't think so. Slick was working on a modded map but lost all the changes.
  5. Armed vehicles can only get 50% of their ammo capacity
  6. Should be fixed now
  7. Reminder that STRIFE is available for public testing in 1 hour at Feedback can be posted below (once that time comes).
  8. Was already attempted. Too many issues.
  9. The same vehicles as back then. Malden doesn't have jets though.
  10. On July 18 we will be conducting public testing of STRIFE between 3 PM and 7 PM EST. For those unaware, STRIFE is an Arma 3 game mode created by Paratus that was initially released in 2017 and later shut down. Its code has since been rewritten and the plan is to give it another go. Currently the only map available is Malden, however adding support for Tanoa wouldn't take very long. A test database will be used for these four hours of testing. This means that none of your Life progress is carried over, however normally your progress (primarily money) would be carried over. From the initial 2017 announcement: STRIFE is an extension of Asylum's Life, bringing your Life character into the ranks of the military in a full-scale war. Conquer the island of Tanoa Malden for amazing rewards on Altis and put your Life cash to good use in bringing down the enemy. STRIFE is based on a front-line capture and finally brings all of Arma's assets to the hands of the Asylum community. The 2017 trailer can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1rk6hK2zio The goal of the game mode is to capture every objective on the map. There are two teams, OPFOR and BLUFOR, and each team starts the war with an equal amount of objectives owned. These objectives are terminals placed across the map which must be hacked. When a hack is started, the owner of the objective must regain control of the objective by restoring it, otherwise the objective will be lost to the hacking team after 10 minutes.
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