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  1. It would be sick if there was a leader board for fastest time a package was delivered from DPx to DPy. Would be some fun competition.
  2. i have several houses, just don't have the expendable income to drop on a .50 cal truck or a suicide vest to blow up a house that somebody is using to camp.
  3. gotta be rich for that though. sucks to be poor and have a bounty camp inside a lock house
  4. would really help nerf camping in houses when initiated
  5. It's something that can easily be done not on purpose, but still be a huge annoyance for bounty hunters. Arma 3 tends to lag the longer I have it up, so I have to periodicly restart game. Everything would just be smoother if the bounty hunter bounties would persist if the bounty reconnects.
  6. Kind of sucks when you spend all the time tracking them, you get close to them and you're setting up to surprise and down them, and then they disconnect and you lose bounty. It's not an uncommon thing either, players do this all the time. Being a bounty hunter on paper sounds good, but in general players will just cheese the hell out of you and force you to waste your time.
  7. I've been trying bounty hunter for the past few days, and players constantly disconnect so they are no longer a bounty. would be nice if i would automatically get the bounty back if they reconnect
  8. would be nice if we had the option to anyways, that way we can continue to comply or break out. choice is always nice.
  9. Change the default withdraw / deposit value to 1. Why would you want to withdraw 0 of something? Makes no sense. Could easily make a if statement that checks if the value is 0 and set it as 1 when the player presses withdraw to stop the inconvenience of having to erase the 1 every time.
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